Monday, June 16, 2008

Braised Stuffed Hearts

There's this great blog out there, Shorpy, that posts amazing vintage/historic photos. It's a site you can easily get lost in for an hour and not even realize it. Here's a great example:

October 1942: "Share The Meat recipes. To supplement the voluntary weekly meat allotment of two and a half pounds per person, housewives are turning to the unlimited supply of 'variety' meats on the market. Beef or calf hearts are among these meats which are rich in iron and vitamin B. Wash and slit the hearts, remove gristle and blood vessels. For the stuffing, chop an onion and a stalk of celery into two tablespoons of fat and cook for a few minutes. Add two to three cups of soft bread crumbs and season to taste with salt and pepper. Thyme goes well with heart - add a pinch to the stuffing. Fill hearts with stuffing and sew up the slit with coarse thread. Brown the hearts on all sides in fat, then place in a covered baking dish or casserole. Add a half of cup of water, cover closely and cook until tender in a very moderate oven (about 300 degrees Fahrenheit). Calf hearts require about one and a half hours, beef hearts will require much longer - four to five hours. Make gravy of the pan drippings and serve the hearts piping hot, garnished with crisp greens." Photograph by Ann Rosener for the Office of Emergency Management.


If hearts aren't your thing, and, say, movie popcorn is, you should probably know if you have a choice between a large tub of popcorn and a medium bag of popcorn, often times you get more popcorn in the medium bag. According to this guy, anyway. Learn something new every day! I saw the Incredible Hulk this weekend, and I'm sad to say we bought a large tub of popcorn instead of a medium bag. If only we had known this information sooner, we could have saved a dollar. (Pretty good movie, by the way.)

A very cool thing I learned about today: the latest version of Real Player lets you download nearly any video you watch on the Internet, including Flash files. This is probably old news to some, but not to me, and I can't wait to play around with it. Though I am a little scared about how many stupid videos will end up on my hard drive ... such as King Kong Kitty.


AE said...
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Anonymous said...

The phrase "pan drippings" in an article about animal hearts makes me dry heave!


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