Thursday, June 19, 2008

High blood pressure

I've done some reading tonight, and really need to share some big news. I didn't know any of this before tonight, so I figured some of you might not know either.
  • GLAAD exists to grow the ranks of the gay "movement."
  • The real danger in gay marriage: more adoptions and test-tube babies.
  • Gay marriage will lead to a totalitarian state.
  • Kids need a mom AND a dad, or they're screwed.
  • If we hadn't done away with sodomy laws, there wouldn't be gay people!
  • Gay marriage tears at the fabric of the Constitution. Aww. Sad.
  • Gay people = raping children's minds.
  • Old, ugly women shouldn't be on the front page of newspapers.
Get to know thy enemies here and here.

It's just sad that people are so afraid of something different from themselves. If you take the time to read those transcripts, I highly recommend reading the comments posted under them as well. There's some good points made.

One of the things that kills me about the above people (the links, not the people in the picture; that would be a whole other blog) is how all this crap applies only to gay people. "A kid needs a mother and a father." OK, then let's talk about the number of kids who live in single-parent homes, and why it is that so many do, and why that doesn't seem to be nearly as much of a "problem" as two men or two women raising a child. Just because they were (mostly, I assume) conceived naturally by a man and women? It then makes it OK for the mother or father to not be around while the child grows up? One of the shows also mentions how gay marriage will lead to divorces and legal battles and "psychological disruption." Because heterosexual marriages don't lead to the same? Or maybe it's just more acceptable to be upset about a marriage ending if it's a "real relationship" between a man and a woman?" Look out for all those gay legal battles everyone! They're fierce!

One of the guys does mention that the institution of marriage is in a decline, and goes on to say gay marriage will only further that decline. But there's no talk about why the institution of marrige is declining in the first place. If you're so worried about it, why not focus your energy on that issue, which should be far more important to these people who claim to so strongly believe in marriage. But nope, gay marriage = end of society. And eventually the human race, since, you know, gays can't reproduce.

I know this is the second time in this blog's short life that I've discussed gay marriage. I highly doubt it will be the last. One might be surprised to know I'm not gay. Not even a little. I just want everyone to be able to do the same things everyone else can. I don't want someone's backward view of the world stopping my (female) friend's girlfriend from being able to live in this country because she's from another country and can't get any kind of domestic partner-type visa to live here, even for a little while, and even though her country does offer that type of visa to non-citizens. And that's not even marriage! Not to mention I'm so amazed at how idiotic people are about the "gay" issue in the first place, such as the douchebags above, that I can't help myself from reading their nonsense. You have to know what you're fighting against, after all.

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