Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Marriages and brain matter

In light of this little quibble AP and some bloggers have going on, I think I'll refrain from quoting AP articles for a while so I don't get in trouble.

(You see, that's funny because no one is reading this blog but me, as far as I can tell.)

I'd like to say congratulations to 80-something-year-olds Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, a couple who has been together for 50+ years, and today become the first gay couple to be married in San Francisco. I wonder if they ever thought this day would come in their lifetimes (well, it kind of already did in 2004, but still). I have yet to ever hear any logical argument against gay marriage. The whole "marriage is an institution between men and women" defense is simply hilarious these days. How do you argue that something that works
only half the time, and in which fewer and fewer people are taking part in, is even an institution any more? How does something that doesn't even affect you at all somehow affect you? I hope this law sticks in California, that other parts of the country wise up, and that someday this won't even be given second thought. Also, it looks like science is coming up with more and more evidence that being gay isn't a choice. A new study shows that the brain hemispheres of gay men and straight women are about the same, while the hemispheres of straight men and gay women are the same (in that they're both asymmetrical). Not that science is ever going to convince people who, well, don't believe in science.

In what could be good news for me, coffee helps you live longer! (I type as I sit here drinking yet another cup of it.) Or at least might help you live longer, maybe, if you're a healthy woman. Woman I am, healthy ... not really. But I'm still putting this one in my court, since it's one of the few vices I have that might have some health benefits.

I'm absolutely fascinated by this.


AE said...

I share your happiness for Del & Phyllis. I am also excited for George Takei!

Rosie said...
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