Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Give the gift of gifts!

My birthday is coming up alarmingly soon. Alarmingly, I will be 32 years old. That doesn't sound right at all, but so be it. I feel like I'm 23, I know I act like I'm still 23, and that's the inverse of 32, so I'm close, right?

If anyone is wondering what to get me, I have a suggestion: This amazing set of Super Mario wall decals from Blik ...

How fun would it be to have a game room decorated like that?? Of course, that would require me owning a house ... so if you REALLY want to be a good friend, you can buy me a house and I'll take care of the decals myself. :)

Blik has a lot of interesting decals. I hope to one day be able to buy some and put them to good use. I especially like the ones in the threadless category.

Other birthday gifts I'd like:
  • Money!
  • DVDs of the movies Bull Durham and High Fidelity. (I cannot figure out how I don't own these yet).
  • Gift cards!
  • A new cell phone. Mine stopped ringing. It still works, but if you call or text me it doesn't ring or beep. So unless I feel/see/hear it vibrate, I have no idea when anyone's trying to get in touch with me. Fun.
  • Gift certificates!
  • A Ken Griffey Jr. T-shirt that is not red.
  • A new bed.
All of this is a joke. I don't expect any gifts. But one of these years, I will throw myself a proper birthday party and invite everyone I've ever met in my life and expect them all to bring fabulous gifts.

Ray and I went to the Reds game tonight, and thanks to my place of employment, we had really nice (and free!) seats. About 20 rows behind the Reds' dugout. Great view of the game, was nice to see Jay Bruce's two home runs and Adam Dunn's bomb of a home run, but the loss sucked. I am 0-3 this year. Blah. However, we did get to see Mr. Redlegs up close and personal, at the end of our row:

He's pretty terrifying, but you can't look away.


Razor said...

Will you still love me if I grow that mustache?

Rosie said...

Only if you let me play with it!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I could walk into a room with the SM Bros stickers without singing the theme song and jumping up to hit the blocks!

Apparently a Ken G shirt that ISN'T red is difficult to come by?


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