Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jamie defined

It's ridiculous, I know, but it's pretty funny too. And I think that's the point. Cause then you can be all "oooh which one is me? oh, none of them? hilarious!" or "my name is code for a huge penis! AMAZING!!"

1. Jamie
A sweet girl with a cheery disposition on life, love and friendship. A cute girl.
Frank: That girl seems really nice
Tom: Oh yea she's such a Jamie.

Frank: So was she hot or what?
Tom: Cute smile great body, she was such a Jamie.

2. Jamie
i) A "Jamie" is a term used for a larger than life penis
ii) "Jamie" is the god of sexual intercourse.

i) Man goes up to a girl in a bar...
"Heyyyyy, my friend Jamie thinks you're hot!, would you like to meet him?

ii) Girl to her friend.
"OMG OMG OMG he filled me RIGHT UP, that guy is SUCH a Jamie!"

3. Jamie
The king of stealing, is a fucking criminal mastermind of stealing. Is never caught and is very mischeivious.
'you a complete jamie dude'....'i cant beleive you just pulled a jamie'

4. Jamie
A complete cunt, hated by everyonee and extremely vain when he shouldnt be (:
fucking hell i hate that jamie kid so much

5. Jamie
1. hoe, slut, hooker, prostitute.
2. to flash or moon
"That Jamie is fine, but but but that ones a killa"
-Shake by Ying Yang Twins

I was on the trampoline last night and Jamied every passing car.

6. Jamie
A cute blonde who is taken but you would still like to go with.
Travis: Jamie will you go to prom with me?
Jamie: ...

7. Jamie
A name for an Aussie who is a tree hugger. This species of human is usually identified by his usual profanity after they lose a game of sorts and their long standing bad mood afterwards. They also often seem to like to torture themselves or have not figured out how to use an air conditioner. Tends to go for women half his age and drinks like a maniac. Also known for weapons development. This species is also very metrosexaul and concerned about his or her weight. Their usual diet consists of veggies with the occasional unknown fluidly substance. (Generally on weekends). This species is also very intelligent and very dangerous. Never offend a Jamie -- it's as bad as cornering chuck Norris minus the round house kick. Usually just a hussy fit with a following keyboard massacre. If you happen to befriend this interesting species it can be very very nice to you. Tends to be a socail creature when not busy..if its busy and you talk you better hope your well hidden.
Jamie: I got to go to work now im going to miss the bus.
Person: the bus dude u have a car
Jamie: no I want to save the environment I AM CAPTAIN


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