Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea party a-twitter

Lot of hot air on these days over the recent tea party protests. A couple in particular caught my eye. I'm not posting usernames, because I'd rather just discuss what was said than get into a "who said what" exercise.

1. "No group should ridicule another for exercising free speech."
First of all, free speech is just that. You can say (nearly) whatever you want. But if someone disagrees, they're just as free to say that as well.
Secondly, I guess for some a taste of their own medicine can be bitter. Check out some of the reaction to recent protests about the Iraq war, immigration rights and others in this article.
Third, and I'm sorry for this one, when a group holds tea parties and talks about teabagging people in Congress, jokes are going to be made.

2. "I didn't know 1 iota about FreedomWorks & never mentioned in 100s of posts bout teaparty prior 2 events False journalism 2 core!"
This was a response from someone angry at the suggestion that these tea parties were not solely a grass-roots movement. Well, they're not. Sorry. I wish they were, it would have been a lot more impressive and a lot harder to overlook them. But Fox News has its hands all over them, going so far as to call them "FNC Tax Day Tea Parties," as does other organizations like FreedomWorks, who is behind the national tea party scheduled for Sept. 12 in D.C., coordinated with Glen Beck's 912 project. When ever in the past has a news channel sponsored protests?

3. "Get a free pocket Constitution. Read it, support it, defend it."
"if you look at a lot the government does anymore at a constitutional level I think you'd find they don't follow it anymore."
I keep hearing about how the Constitution is being torn apart by the Obama administration, but I have not yet heard how. Can anyone clue me in?

4. "Conservatives have VALUES, MORALS, PRINCIPLES - Lefties don't. 'EVERYTHING GOES' SOCIETY! Losers, unhappy, complainers"
How does this advance any conversation? Does someone actually believe that not one person to the left politically has any values, morals or principles? And um, is it not the right-leaning folk complaining most these days about how unhappy they are?

5. "you cannot have intelligent conversation with the Left. You tell them facts, and they ignore it."
I'm waiting for facts. And while I wait, here's one: You DO NOT have taxation without representation, no matter how much you disagree with current policy. Unless you live in D.C., in which case you do.


Razor said...

This is all they have left, LOUD NOISES. They have no agenda, Americans have grown tired of fear and smear tactics and they bet the farm and lost. They went for the all time biggest power grab with Bush and his evangelical coalition and it blew up in their faces. What you see now is a shattered Republican Party and they have no one to blame for that but themselves.

These tea parties are great for progressives, because they're nothing more than a continuation of the hate-filled McCain/Palin rallies from October. We voted no to that on November 4, do they really expect it'll work five months later?

Matt Osborne said...

I was very sorry to miss the tea parties; I am a big fan of protests in general, especially when the kooks show up.

My answer to #1 is that liberals aren't questioning their rights, we're questioning their sanity.

#2: you can read about FreedomWorks in the media press release that organization gave every reporter.

#3: "What planet are you on?"

#4: Who won the election again?

#5: I will respect your opinion when you find a respectable one.


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