Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What if Dems had held Tea Parties?

By all accounts I've read and heard, tomorrow's Tea Parties are being held to protest government spending and/or taxes and/or Obama in general. What if Democrats had done the same during the Bush administration, and called the protests Tea Parties? A lot of people associate tea with "snooty" people (aka liberals), and I'm sure most conservatives would be the first to say they don't take part in any actual tea-bagging activities, most likely claiming that's something reserved for the sex-crazed liberals in this country. What if Dems were the ones out there holding signs that said "Hitler gave good speeches too?" (Not that Bush gave good speeches, but you get the point.) What if the liberals blindly followed a Dick Armey type but called it "a grass-roots" movement? What if MSNBC was sponsoring the protests instead of Fox News?

Pretty sure the Republicans' response would've been complete outrage, full of things like "Well that's just un-American. It's typical of liberals, they hate this country and they're elitist, too. Of course they're having 'tea parties.' Besides, Bush already cut our taxes. What's there to complain about?" And, umm, Bush ran up the deficit, expanded the government, kissed the Saudi king, ripped up the constitution, and as far as I can tell, took part in basically everything the Republicans are protesting tomorrow. Remember how this recession started under his watch? Yeah.

This whole phenomenon is laughable. Despite numerous explanations from conservatives on the validity of their using the phrase "tea party," the Boston Tea Party has little to do with today's government. It feels more like the usual Republican method of "let's grasp onto something that happend in the past and contort it until it fits us" ... even if the event was way in the past.

However, I do thank everyone involved for giving me fits of giggles over all the tea-bagging talk. Because these (and other) news segments are outstanding.


Razor said...

Republicans do love to jump into the WAY back machine and take credit for something that has nothing to do with their party today. They call themselves "The Party of Lincoln" because you have to go back to 1865 to find a decent Republican.

David said...

Tea snooty? Really? It's a historic reference. A protest. The original protest for the United States even before it's inception. I was at one of the tea parties here in Vegas and I can tell you the crowd was a pretty even mix. Yes, there were anti-Obama people there, but some of them were Democrats and were proud of it. There were anti-Bushers there as well (can't leave him out since he was the start of this henneous spending). And just so you're aware, the Hitler references are historic as well. Hitler campaigned under the slogan of change, stringer government, social programs, public jobs, housing, etc. The reference is a comparison. No one is saying he is Hitler. More importantly, why would any of this be of concern to Democrats? I mean, they've NEVER protested anything before right? Freedom of speech applies to all whether you agree with what they say or not. And for the record, I am neither a Republican or Democrat. A two party system only leaves people to choose between the lesser of two evils. More choices and voices should be heard on all issues at all times.

Rosie said...

I don't believe I said anywhere that no one should be protesting, or that freedom of speech only applies to some people.

GM said...

Libs don't pay taxes. Why would they have a Tea Party?

Kidding..Or am I?


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