Friday, June 26, 2009

"Hottest Girls" iPhone app purchasers, I'm laughing at you

The news of this story is kind of all over the place as to what exactly happened, but the result is that an iPhone app called "Hottest Girls" is no longer available from Apple. Either Apple banned it or the developers pulled the app. (See stories here, here and here.) Either way, the app was a bunch of images of women in underwear/bathing suits and, at some point, topless women as well. I believe it cost $1.99. As I understand it, Apple has previously not allowed "adult" content in apps, so this batch of topless women was big news in app land.

Now, I don't have an iPhone, so please jump in and let me know if I'm wrong. But isn't one of the biggest selling points of the iPhone that you can do pretty much anything on it? Like, say, browse the web and look at pictures of women in underwear/bathing suits, or, say topless/naked women? Couldn't you, if you wanted, watch porn on your iPhone? (A quick search of "iPhone porn" would seem to indicate that indeed, you can.)

Futhermore, why are you paying any money at all, even $1.99, to see pictures you can see anywhere else for free? And really, you need "hot chicks" on your iPhone so bad that you just have to have the "Hottest Girls" app, or any similar app? For what reason? To impress girls? Hardly. To impress guys? Doubtful. To get off? Well, if that's the case, then please keep your phone (and yourself) far away from all of humanity.

This is a phone we're talking about. A phone!! Can people seriously not even go X amount of time without having access to photos of "hot chicks," to the point they have to be able to see such photos on their phones? (Photos they could see anyway, just by getting online?) Is it some sort of fear of withdrawal? "Man, I gotta see me some babes like, right now, it's been hours, I can't handle it anymore!" If so, might I suggest you seek professional help for your addiction?

It's no surprise that if such an app were to get through Apple and be available for the iPhone, men would buy it, probably in large numbers. And it's no surprise that people are going to laugh at you for doing so. Gotta fall for it every single time, don't ya? Suckers.


Razor said...

This is even sadder than porno mags being sold at the airport.

Daniel said...

Razor, I don't think I'm ever going to fly on an airplane again now that I have that image in my head. I hadn't even noticed, but then I don't fly all that often anyway.

I totally agree. Seems ridiculous. But, well, it sells, apparently. Fortunately, Apple retains common sense and banned the app. Nevertheless, the debate rages on about whether or not it was the right move for Apple to make.

In fact, it's even in the news. ran a story just a day or two ago I think about it (at


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