Friday, June 5, 2009

Pill popping: It's your right

This is so fucking stupid I can't even believe people take it seriously. But they do, forcing me to write about it. Because if there's anything I can't stand, it's stupidity. And this is stupidity to the Nth degree.

Tomorrow, June 6, is "Protest the Pill Day." As in birth control pills. Behind this, unsurprisingly, is the American Life League. The group describes itself as "the largest grassroots Catholic pro-life organization in the United States and is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to natural death." I describe them as "We put fetuses first. Screw women." ALL will hold these protests at Planned Parenthood clinics across the country, at 10 a.m.

ALL claims it holds "Protest the Pill Day" because the pill kills women. In fact, tomorrow they plan to "expose the sordid details surrounding the tragic effects these chemicals have on women. We will emphasize the truth about how the pill kills women." (Details readily available at I highly suggest independent research, too.)

This just in: the pill is a drug! Did you know that? It's a fucking DRUG! Can you believe a drug could have side effects, even lethal ones*? Crazy, right? Next you're going to tell me I have to get it from a doctor who will advise me about possible side effects ... the same ones spoken on every TV commercial about the pill, and written on every ad for the pill. I feel like I could recite them, and I'm not even on it.

I suppose ALL thinks it's being clever, claiming to protest the pill because it kills women. As if no one will see through their plan and uncover their real points:
  1. The pill kills babies. Potential babies, sure, but that still falls under their umbrella of "all life." (Wasted sperm, apparently, does not. Yet, anyway.)
  2. Stop having sex already. See, you can't be on the pill, because it'll kill you, and you can't get pregnant unless you're ready to birth the child, so you have to just stop fucking. It's the only way to not kill babies, until we find a way to make you stop menstruating too.
I have to point out the obvious here: This movement is about controlling women's sexuality and women's bodies. Plain and simple. Nowhere is anyone en masse telling men not to have sex because they might get a girl pregnant. Nope. It's all up to the women. You know what? Fuck. Off. If there is one single man out there who plans to attend this event, he better not be having sex of any kind that could in any way be deemed irresponsible. Men, if you are anti-choice and/or anti-contraceptives, you must stop having sex immediately. And do not have it again until you and your partner are 100 percent sure you are ready for a baby, and you are 100 percent sure you can trust the woman to not abort the baby or sneak the pill (because if she does, then congrats, you're party to a dead baby). So, men, YOU stop having sex. Because abortion isn't an option, and neither is the pill now, condoms aren't 100 percent effective, neither is withdrawal, and if you're Catholic you can't use any contraceptives anyway. Anti-choice men, I'm putting the burden on you now. How does it feel?

If you're out and about tomorrow, stop by the Planned Parenthood nearest you and let these protesters know what you think. Or stop by and thank the clinic workers for their dedication, in honor of Dr. George Tiller, whose funeral service is tomorrow. And while you're there, pick up some birth control.

Additional reading:
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  • Politics Daily: "Post-Tiller, Pro-Life Movement Lives On" (good read to get the scope of insanity we're dealing with here, like how contraceptives cannot be the answer to decreasing abortion. Huge WTF.)
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  • Kansas City Tribune: "Operation Rescue: Terrorizing Kansans since 1991"
  • The Daily Mail: "A moral civil war: The truth is millions of Americans believe Dr 'Baby Killer' Tiller deserved to die"
UPDATE: Turns out you're more likely to develop a blood clot during pregnancy than you are when using birth control. The risk of death associated with pregnancy is much higher than it is from using birth control. Somehow doubt these protesters are letting anyone know that.

*I fully recognize people have died from birth control pills, and that the pill has side effects. I'm not trying to make light of this in any way. Obviously something to be discussed with your doctor.


Razor said...

Funny, I don't see them protesting the pharmaceutical industry in general. I guarantee they have a couple thousand more dangerous drugs than the birth control pill.

You know what else kills? Religion.

Meghan said...

Oh for shit's sake. I've been on the pill sine I was 16, ahem, quite a few years before I needed to be on the pill as birth control.
It's the only thing that has helped ease the horrific painful, long, irregular, and PMS to the 100th degree periods I've always had.
What do they suggest I take to remedy that if I refuse the pill? *eyeroll*

Rosie said...

My guess is they would tell you to drink some tea instead. Actually, more likely scenario is that the PMS is all in your mind. Or just deal with it, it's all Eve's fault anyway.

Razor said...

Meghan -

Through my experiences talking to people, they would suggest praying. Seriously... a friend of mine just went to a doctor who prescribed scripture to combat her depression.

MC said...

Razor, that is close to the level of Scientological bullshit right there. The only difference is the doctor didn't take all the patient's money beforehand.

But just you watch... this group will at some point ally itself with an environmental group and start spreading the message that the pill is also bad for the ecosystem because it introduces a lot of estrogen into the water supply... you know, for that crossover effect across the political divide.

Rosie said...

MC, that is a terrifying thought, but I can see it happening. Lots of talk out there on that subject too. Of course, it happens with all drugs, but they won't mention that.

MC said...

Fanaticism makes strange bedfellows... it applies to both internet and public discourse. Information is useful and disposable depending on how well it supports a particular argument.


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