Monday, June 8, 2009

Racism? Where?

When you've got nothing left but criticizing a photo of Michelle Obama, maybe it's time to step back and take a look at what exactly you're trying to accomplish.

A number of conservative folk have been discussing this photo of the First Lady. It's of her and France's First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy at a ceremony in Normandy to mark the 65th anniversary of D-Day. Some comments are in good fun (I hope), such as "if looks could kill!" I mean, let's be honest, it isn't the most flattering photo of her. Other people, however, have said:

  • Michelle Obama photo is exactly what can turn public opinion, not abstruse, complex arguments.
  • The Real Michelle Obama: Hate & Vitriol. Photo says it all
  • Michelle Obama "God Damn America" photo at Normandy -- please blog to world
  • I'm emailing the Michelle Obama "God Damn America" photo to conservative journalists. Please do the same.
  • MUST see photo of Michelle Obama happy NOT to be at Normandy doesn't look proud of her country

If you don't see what's going on here, I'll explain. During the campaign, Republicans tried their best to make Michelle Obama into a stereotypical angry black woman. The sentiment gained ground among the GOP base, perhaps slightly beyond, and that's about it. But since Barack Obama became president, Michelle Obama's numbers have been extremely favorable. So the second there's a photo of Michelle looking remotely like an angry black woman, conservatives pounce on it. "See??!" they say. "She IS an angry black woman! There's evidence of it right here in this one photo out of the millions taken of her!"

What's the over/under on these people being the same ones who believe Sonia Sotomayor is racist?

UPDATE: Just saw this lovely screen capture of Fox Nation's discussion of this photo, courtesy of News Hounds. "First Mammy?" Seriously??!


Razor said...

I've said it numerous times, it's classic Republican projection. Oh and classic Republican racism too.

GM said...

Michelle Obama doesn't seem like the happiest person in the world.

Rosie said...

Based on what? (And umm ... why should she be?)

GM said...

Just her general attitude. She's very smart, but seems to have a chip on her shoulder.

She should be happy because she's highly educated, successful and First Lady of the greatest country in the world.

Rosie said...


Razor said...

So essentially:

"She doesn't seem happy"


"Because she doesn't."

Rosie said...

"Chip on her shoulder" = code for "she's black."

GM said...

Ah, the racism card. Very classy.

Rosie said...

... did you read what this blog post is about?

Matt Osborne said...

I have a new favorite feminist blog.

Rosie said...

Why thank you!


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