Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday reading suggestions (6/21)

Apologies for being a little late on this, but there is still an hour of Sunday left here!

1. Let's start with this sad yet kinda funny article about Focus on the Family allowing women to wear pants to work now. Seriously.
Beginning [this past Tuesday], men who work at Focus no longer have to wear mandatory business attire, including tie, and women employees don’t have to stick with just dresses or skirts and hosiery. Men can now come to work donning an open collar shirt — but no spandex — and women can arrive decked in dress pants and pantsuits.
No doubt "spandex" = "gay"

2. There's a rather disturbing case of a judge keeping an HIV-positive pregnant woman in jail so that her child would be born there and thus would be "more likely to receive medical treatment and follow an HIV treatment regimen" than if she were out on her own. Read RH Reality Check's article about it.

3. We all know pay inequality still exists between men and women. Did you know there's also a pay gap between women with and without children? One study found it to be bigger than the pay gap between men and women. Men with children, however, get paid just as much as men without children. If people in this country really want children to be, first of all, born, and secondly, taken good care of, this is the exact kind of crap that needs to change. Women who have children are obviously just as capable as those who don't have children. Read more about it here.

4. Speaking of children being born, I highly recommend this Village Voice article about "'snowflake' babies, embryo adoption and being pre-born again." It's part of the pro-life movement, and it features some truly terrifying tactics. Example: "The idea is to convince people that embryos created for in vitro fertilization—undifferentiated clumps of cells roughly the size of a comma—are actually individuals that deserve legal rights and the same protections afforded to actual children during adoption." For reference, here's a five-day old human embryo:

See how that's not at all like a child up for adoption? Again, terrifying.

5. In a bit of good news, the 2010 Census will count same-sex couples. Data is important, the Census is important, and same-sex couples should certainly be counted. Read more here. And while you're at it, read about Michelle Bachmann's refusal to fill out Census forms -- she never ceases to be crazy. Ever.

Visual bonus: This has made it's way around the Internet for a couple days now, but if you haven't seen it yet, check out this 1964 Frederick's of Hollywood catalog. Love how the cover boasts "Get that 'marry-a-millionaire' look!"

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