Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is a naked Bruno on the cover of GQ offensive?

I feel like we see worse than this all the time on the newsstand, but some store owners feel that the July cover GQ, featuring a naked Sacha Baron Cohen as the character
Bruno, needs to be covered up. The New York Times' story has more.

Does anyone know if the GQ cover of the nude Jennifer Aniston was covered up at newsstands or in stores? (Link to photo of said cover.)

Thoughts? Anyone planning on seeing the movie?

UDPATE: Knew it had to happen somewhere. Check out this post on Gawker, where a magazine cover with a
nude woman on it is displayed on the newsstand, next to the Bruno cover that has a placard over it.


Bruce said...

Oh, I suppose it needs to be kept away from the children and sensitive parents who can't explain it to children. Otherwise, goodness, it's just satire, and rather well-done satire at that. Probably way too much airbrushing, though.

I definitely plan to see the movie, even though (and perhaps because) I know it will be screamingly crass, although it can't possibly be any better/worse than Borat. If I had kids, I'd take them and say, "I hope you can laugh like this when you grow up. But not yet."

Rosie said...

I figure I'll see the movie at some point, but probably not in the theater. I'm undecided.

GM said...

Not offensive. But he's not particularly funny.


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