Saturday, July 25, 2009

Octomom gets rewarded, but this mother gets her child taken away

Have you heard of the New Jersey couple V.M. and B.G.? They are a married couple, and V.M. was with child. During labor, she refused to consent to a recommended cesarean section, and delivered the baby vaginally. She is fine, baby is fine. Except she and her husband are now without baby, because her refusal to consent to the c-section, along with other "erratic" behavior during the birthing process, led a court to decide she and her husband were guilty of child abuse and child neglect.

The child was born three years ago, but most people (self included) are just now hearing about this case, after an appellate court upheld the original ruling.
This is a good summary of the case. You can read more here and here .The court decision is available in PDF form here.

This couple's parental rights have been terminated. They can still file an appeal.

Nadya Suleman, the "Octomom," recently signed on for a reality TV show.* Each of her 14 children will earn $250 a day during the show. There's a good case to make that Suleman has shown some "erratic" behavior in her decisions, but she has all 14 of her kids and is going to make a pretty penny of them, too.

What is wrong with this picture?

*I don't know if the show will be picked up/make it to TV, but for the love of sanity I hope not one single person watches it.

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flowers said...

Oh, my goodness. I hope to high hell there was more reasons for taking that baby away then her refusing a c-section (and then have everything be perfect!). This is why I wouldn't birth in a hospital unless absolutely necessary.

I liked the article that made the argument that how can you judge whether a woman is being in labor. Well, maybe she refused the epi-dural, too, and who really wants to face the intensity of a woman in labor...I guess not the courts or the hospitals.


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