Sunday, July 5, 2009

Suggested Sunday reading (7/5)

I could have an entire blog of reading suggestions just on the Palin story, but let's step away from that for a few moments.
  • This is sort of related, I suppose, but I enjoyed this Wall Street Journal op-ed by Thomas Frank, titled "How Dysfunction Helps the GOP." Much can, and has been, written on the subject of how the GOP runs on a platform that "government doesn't work"; we're seeing it all over the place in discussions of health care reform. I will never understand how a political party gets voted into government by saying government doesn't work.
  • Teresa Puente of Chicago Now points out the quandary of what to call Maria Belen Shapur, the woman with whom South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford had an affair, and how sexist and stereotypical most of the labels are: "Sanford scandal stirs sexist stereotypes."
  • On the Politicizer, a Republican makes the case for same-sex marriage, from both a constitutional stand point and a societal one: "The case for marriage equality."
  • The Lowdown, a Great Fall Tribune blog about what's going on in Montana's capitol, has a post about the group Montana ProLife Coalition launching a campaign to change the state's constitution to define "personhood" as beginning at conception. Read the post here; the group is hoping to get enough signatures to get this on the Nov. 2010 ballot, and it is a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade. If you can stomach it, you can also read the coalition's statement on "personhood" at their Web site.
  • In related news, the Arizona legislature has approved a couple abortion constraints, which the now needs the governor's signature to become law (AP story here), and a 2008 court decision in Virginia that declared a ban on a specific abortion procedure unconstitutional was overturned by a district court of appeals. Read more here.
  • Lastly, something unrelated to all this but still extremely interesting: the New York Times reported on a study asking "Can you get fit in six minutes?" The answer is still being worked out, but the study finds that it's possible, if not probable. Fascinating stuff.

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Razor said...

Well, they have a point. Government doesn't work when there are Republicans in it.


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