Friday, July 24, 2009

Wait ... did we learn something from Sarah Palin?!

With Sarah Palin's governorship of Alaska winding down, I wanted to draw attention an article at the American Prospect called "Lessons for feminists from Sarah Palin." I'm not going to lie, when I saw the headline I thought it was going to be another story about how Palin is some kind of beacon of feminism and perhaps touch on that whole "you can't be feminist if you don't support Palin" nonsense.

But, I was happily wrong about the article. It's optimistic, maybe too much so, but it does make some good points. The lessons, if you're curious, are:

Lesson 1: Women across the country are hungry for their strength to be acknowledged, without sacrificing their femininity.
Lesson 2: Defending women against sexism means defending all women against sexism.
Lesson 3: We've succeeded in so many ways!

Definitely truth in all of these, especially No. 2. I think one of the best points is this, because there's no doubt Palin's VP run had this effect on many of us:
... I feel thankful that she inadvertently pushed feminists out of complacency. We were obliged to clarify where we've won and where we're falling behind, who we've brought into the fold and who continues to see feminism as an elitist, anti-man, femininity-rejecting posse of miscreants (thanks, mainstream media).
But if you read the American Prospect article, you owe it to yourself to read Amanda Hess' column, "Sarah Palin's other lessons for feminists." This column more aligns with my thoughts on the topics at hand. I couldn't agree more with Hess' take on lesson No. 3. Or with her take on lesson No. 1, actually.

Basically, you should read both articles. They may be something to keep in mind when non-Gov. Palin is back in the news with her next career move, whatever it is.

(As a side note, can people please stop putting Palin's face on Rosie the Riveter? You're doing it wrong. Thanks.)

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Matt Osborne said...

I'm glad you said that about Rosie. I am such a big fan of hers that I put her poster in my daughter's room when she was small, right next to the picture of Tahirih. Yes, they are DEFINITELY doing it wrong -- all the ones I've seen belong on Photoshop!


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