Monday, July 20, 2009

When naked chicks give you virtual viruses

Just like it happens in real life, so does it happen on the Internet. And all I can say is, haha suckers!

Actually, this isn't a funny story at all. ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was filmed in a "private moment" (which I believe means naked) through the peephole of her hotel room. The peephole. It's an assault against her, as in an actual crime. It's an obvious violation of her privacy. It's also a remarkable commentary on two things: 1. The lengths someone will go to to make a buck, and 2. the lengths people will go to just to see a semi-famous person naked.

What in the hell are these people thinking? "OMG a naked Erin Andrews?! MUST. SEE. NOW." Yeah, sadly, that's probably a 99 percent accurate statement for most people who clicked on the video. And for a good number of people, what they clicked on turned out not to be the video (which has been taken down from most sites, I am led to believe) but a computer virus instead. Great case of getting what you deserve. I myself am a big sports fan and frequent a number of sports Web sites where I constantly see guys talking about how hot Erin Andrews is. Can't help but wonder how many of them are searching for this video right now. Is it wrong that I so hope they end up with a computer virus?

The Yahoo sports blog actually has a good column about this, and how women sports reporters are often subjected to crude behavior, judged on their looks, and so on. (I know a number of women who could speak about this topic first-hand. It gets ugly.)

You can read the statement from Andrews' attorney here.

And I suppose we all should consider covering peepholes in our hotel rooms from now on, because I'm sure some "brilliant" people who hadn't thought about doing this before will try it now.

UPDATE: This story quotes a spy-tech-gadget guy as saying the person who filmed this was probably in the next room, not outside the peephole. That would make more sense. Still extremely creepy. Gotta think the person followed her to her hotel room, right? Asked for the room next to hers, maybe? Ugh. Gross.


Razor said...

I hope whoever did this is caught and forced to register as a sex offender.

Rosie said...

In some states, that does happen for voyeurism-specific charges. But I don't know what states those are.

Admin said...

Freaky. Makes me paranoid about being in a hotel room. I sometimes have wondered when I am in certain places, like bathrooms in bars, etc if it is possible that there have been videotapes somewhere. If so, I wouldn't be surprised.


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