Monday, August 24, 2009

Celebrate Women's Equality Day on Aug. 26

What are you doing on Wednesday to mark this day? Anything, nothing, moment of thought, attending an event, watching Iron Jawed Angels? (One of the best, and most obvious, ways to honor the day and the women who made it possible: vote in every election you can.)

I would hope the readers of this blog know what Women's Equality Day is, but in case: the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote, was signed into law on Aug. 26, 1920. That's seventy-two years after the first women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, N.Y. Women’s Equality Day was established in 1971, by Bella Abzug, to commemorate the event.

Read more about the day and the history involved:
You can also use the day to take action:
  • Amnesty International USA has an easy-to-use form letter to send to the White House, urging the re-introduction and passage of the International Violence Against Women Act.
  • has information on the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, which was introduced and passed by the U.N. General Assembly in 1979 -- and still, to this day, the United States has not ratified it, even though 185 other countries have. (Iran, Somalia and Sudan have not ratified it either). The site also has a sample letter you can use to contact your representatives.
  • Sign the petition at urging Congress to create a commission on women.
  • Take a look around (If you have other suggestions for this section, please e-mail or leave them in a comment so I can add them.)

It's hard to comprehend that my great-grandmother was born before women had the right to vote. I cannot imagine it. (My grandmother was born just a couple years after the 19th Amendment became law.) A salute to all the women who've brought us where we are today. As much as we talk about our continued fight for equality, we certainly should be thankful for all the progress made so far in this country -- and remember how much further so many women across the world still have to go.


madjimp said...

Unlike most of the people who don't know, I was present when the Womens International Terrorist Conspiricy from Hell(W.I.T.C.H.) handed out copies of the Society for the Cutting Up of Men ("S.C.U.M. Manifesto") by Valerie Solanas and asked me to read it.I did,and found it was stupid.
Since you like to play around with double- speak, if "Right to Life" (SEE 1776 document by T.Jefferson) is called "anti-choice", shouldn't
"prochoice" be called ANTI-LIFE? As far as the women as clergy flak, the actual reading of 1Tim.3:2- "A bishop1...must be the husband2 of one wife.3.."
1-"episkopis" , overseership.
your argument is NOT with religion, but with the Bible! O f which Jesus said, "the scripture cannot be broken"Jn.10:34, and"Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will NEVER pass away".
You always try to confuse the right to vote with women's lib,
as a philogynist and a descendant of abolitionists,had I been
there in 1776 I would have supported ending slavery, and giving all
people,regardless of color,creed,or sex the right to vote.
In my opinion, Women's Lib destroyed
the flower children, turning the "love and peace" vibes into a viscious racist and sexist attack upon us white men.
What you didn't know while you were
vilifying us Viet Vets, calling us "baby killers"
and supporting the vile
Communists who were
attacking us and killing
many of my buddies,
those who fought for our country and put their bodies on the line
so that many poor civilians,men,women,
and children were able to escape before the bloody masacre that happened after we left... the same males you called "pigs" and
other names,you should be ashamed of,
we watched you,and we
still the way,
war is NOT peace, slavery is NOT freedom. and Ignorance is NOT knowledge, and 2+2=4!
And "abortus"-("ab"-away ,"orti"-birth),to stop birth,to die,to keep from maturing. in
otherwords, to engage in cold,blooded murder! As for your thing about the egg, we are talking about a fertilized egg, vegetarians will only eat unfertilized eggs!
Sorry Candy, I've seen the Moon symbols,of Diana of the Ephesians,
(Acts 19:24-28),that you don't want the believers to know
many of you idolize... MJP

BrentBillock said...

To be fair to madjimp, you did say "rants" are welcome.

It is amazing how much we take for granted because we were born when we were. It's unimaginable to most of us that our country has been so slow to adopt what we consider unquestionably fair and right.

Until 1965, in all practicality you didn't have a right to vote if your skin was too dark, even though voting rights were made explicit in 1870. It still boggles my mind that it took so very long to make good on that promise.

Harry Truman first proposed in 1942 that it was the government's responsibility to make sure every American citizen had access to health care. And here we are 67 years later with many complaining that we're moving too quickly.

Hopefully in 20 years, the next generation will find it unimaginable that it took us until 2009 to say that no one should die because they can't afford health care, and no one should be bankrupt because they got sick.

Unknown said...

Quick! Someone get madjimp a sandwich board and some gloves with the fingers cut off!

madjimp said...

Thank you, I fought in Viet Nam and am now permantly disabled so that you would have a right to say that, and you're welcome!

Peace and Love, mad

Rosie said...

Madjimp, thanks for your service to this country.

CosaMostro said...


Welcome to blog commenting. If you write 3 pages of rambling argument that has little to nothing to do with the original post, you are inviting ridicule upon yourself.

No one commenting above is mocking your military history, only your rambling, quarrelsome post.

For you to try to shift the argument to your service, to hide behind it as though it should shield you from all criticism, is to pay less respect to it than anyone else here has done.


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