Monday, August 3, 2009

A Megan Fox media blackout day accomplishes exactly nothing

Someone, somewhere has dubbed tomorrow, Aug. 4, as Megan Fox Media Blackout Day.


I first read about it at Celebitchy, thought it was no big thing, then decided to look into it and see who's participating. Turns out there's a looooot of stories about this. So, congrats to whoever decided this blackout day was a good idea, all you've done is draw attention to another story about Megan Fox. It matters not if the story is about her overexposure, it's really just another excuse to post more Megan Fox photos on your site and get more hits.

This article reports that a dozen men's sites plan to take part, including,
Ask Men, Just a Guy Thing and Double Viking. Are these big sites? I have no idea, I've never heard of them. But here's a tip to them: If they're tired of Fox coverage, then stop covering her. I'm sure they don't mind the hits she generates, so why make a big deal over it anyway? Are your sites going to collapse if you don't talk about her daily? No? Then shut up. Yes? Then post her pictures all over your site until you figure out something else that "works" for your readers.

I love the notion that a one-day blackout would even do anything anyway. Fox's new movie, Jennifer's Body, comes out in September, and Fox will surely be promoting it everywhere (as she should, since she stars in it). There's already a lot of hype around the movie, and obviously around its star, and it's only going to grow when you try to convince your readers that there's someone out there they shouldn't pay attention to. After all, what's the fastest way to get someone to look at something? Tell them they shouldn't.

Everything about this is gross: Fox's overexposure in the first place, based solely on her looks (judging from what people tell me about how awful the Transformers movies are, anyway); the way she can be treated by guys and girls (and trust me, I'm no fan); and now this truly stupid and insulting idea from these "men's" web sites. If you like Megan Fox, like her. If you don't, don't. But don't pretend you're "tired" of her and then revert back to covering her as much as you did before, which I am 100 percent sure all the sites participating in this will do.

By the way, the Frisky has a great column about Fox. I recommend reading it ... tomorrow, of course.

And because word is spreading that Jennifer's Body is
being described as "a feminist story while also being 'delightfully exploitative',” check out this L.A. Times story on female-explotation films.

I don't know if I'll ever see the movie; the stealing of the True Blood poster turned me off from the beginning, and I can't say my impression of the movie has changed much since.

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Razor said...

Seriously, the blatant rip-off of True Blood's poster is just absurd.

"Hey guys, I got it, lets put her tongue on the right side of her mouth! No one will notice the similarities!"


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