Sunday, August 30, 2009

Suggested Sunday reading (8/30)

This week saw the celebration of Women's Equality Day. The White House launched its page for the Council on Women and Girls, and check out Judi Jenning's column on the day, "Women's rights and human rights," about how we're all connected.

One important aspect to women's equality, at least for me, is reproductive choices. That was in the news a bit this week (isn't it always?):
  • Randall Terry, a radical anti-choicer who founded Operation Rescue, and who, let's face it, shouldn't be worth any words on any blog or news site but has to be written about because he and people like him not only put reproductive doctors in danger but also aim to stop women from getting abortions, was thrown out of a town hall meeting in Virginia this week. Check out some of the stunts he pulled and phrases he was chanting at Salon and at The Hill. Rachel Maddow also talked about this on her show, and she interviewed Dr. Leroy Carhart, one of the few doctors in this country who performs late-term abortions:

  • Carhart himself was the subject of Operation Rescue protests this week. Read more about the protests here, here and here (and check out RH Reality Check's Twitter page, they're reporting live from the events). The Wichita Eagle has a good story about Carhart, the protesters, his friendship with Dr. George Tiller and more. Some photos from the protests here.
  • A new law takes effect in Nebraska today, requiring women who seek an abortion to be given an ultrasound. The law specifies the screen must be turned toward them. A similar law in Oklahoma was overturned recently; here's hoping this one is, too.

Looks just like a person!

  • Apparently another effort is taking place in Colorado to define an egg as a person. A group is collecting signatures to get the initiative on the ballot. This measure was defeated in Colorado in 2008, by a very wide margin. If this ever become law in any state, I urge every single woman in said state to move, because the second it takes effect you will become property of the government. Read more about this ridiculous movement here. and check out this humorous column on the "benefits" women could receive were this to become law.
  • The Guttmacher institute reports that the "abortion pill" has not dramatically increased access to abortion in this country.
  • Psychiatric Times writes about "abortion trauma syndrome."

In non-abortion news:
  • The California Senate is officially seeking an end to the federal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.
  • New York Gov. David Patterson signed the bill ending (most) shackling of prisoners during childbirth. I wrote about this issue last week.
  • Media Matters has a great column on media portrayal of "angry" people in the political realm, titled "Angry right-wingers are important, angry libs are annoying."
  • I thought this post on Undecided, "Midlife crisis, for her" was a good read. Lot of truth in there.
  • The president of Mali decided not to sign legislation expanding women's rights. What kind of rights, you might ask? Like allowing joint property ownership and setting the legal age of marriage at 18. (The president does say he's sending the legislation back to the lawmakers and it will be revised, then passed.)
  • More than 500 women met for the Women's Role in the Changing World forum in Hong Kong.

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