Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Religion discriminates against women, again

Stuart Carlson and the Milwaukee Sentinel

Yeah, I know, the examples are endless, but this is the latest: Louise Akers, a nun who has taught school for 40 years, can no longer teach because she believes that women should be ordained priests. An archbishop told her she had to renounce her belief, she refused, and he took away her job.

I mean really, what would Jesus do here? Do you think Jesus would fire a nun because she thinks women can actually share the word of God the same as men can? Seems a little far-fetched, but then again all religious-based discrimination seems far-fetched to me. It's just an excuse to maintain power, and nothing more than that. It's shameful, wrong, and certainly not a Christian-like idea.

I fail to see why an organization that consistently discriminates against half the population should be held up as an example of anything good. People within the organization can be good, however, and Akers sounds like a good one. This is what she said about the matter:
“To [rescind her support for the ordination of women] would go against my conscience,” she said. “For four decades I have devoted my ministry to advocating on behalf of the marginalized through religious congregations, justice organizations, ecumenical and interfaith groups. Women’s ordination is a justice issue. Its basis is the value, dignity and equality of women. I believe this to my very core. To publicly state otherwise would be a lie and a violation of my conscience. I love, support and cherish the part of Church that upholds the gospel mission and vision of Jesus.”
Amen, and thank you, Akers, for taking a stand.

UPDATE (9/15): A volunteer teacher has been fired for showing support for Akers. How far is this going to go? Now women can't even defend women in the Catholic church? And remind me, how many priests were fired for sexually abusing boys? Every single one? Or just some of them? Why am I getting the feeling that speaking out against the church's views on women is worse in the church's eye than abusing a boy?


Walking Queen said...

And THIS is exactly why I reject organized religion. I learned years ago when as a child the priest told me to keep my mouth shut when I asked as a child why only men could be priests. I refuse to participate in any organization that has systematically oppressed women for years.

Lisa Ansell said...

The latest in a long line since Hypatia. Religions primary objective appears to be being twats to women.

Criss L. Cox said...

I'm not Bible scholar, but didn't Jesus spend a lot of time with Mary Magdalene? Sure seems to me He would have allowed her to help spread His Word...

I am a Christian, and I hate how some organized religions have completely twisted what the Bible says and what Jesus is all about. The guy hung out with prostitutes and went around feeding the hungry and healing the sick. If that's not a liberal hippie who supports women and universal health care, I don't know what is.

(PS: not all organized Christian religions are this backward. The Lutheran Church (ELCA) does allow women to be ordained, and recently we even allowed "practicing" gay clergy to be ordained as well. We're moving slowly, but at least we're moving, and in the right direction.)


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