Sunday, September 6, 2009

Suggested Sunday reading (9/6)

Lately I've had an aversion to the computer. Haven't wanted to be on it, and when I am, not feeling compelled to do much of anything. Anyone else get like that? (I'm sure it has nothing to do with my mini-obsession with Batman: Arkham Asylum.)

In the news:
  • Did you read about the case the Supreme Court will be hearing when the justices return Wednesday? It's the ongoing saga over the "Hillary" movie and campaign finance, and this AP article is less than encouraging. Sounds like it could be a huge step in the wrong direction.
  • Ann Curry is reporting about women's rights in Pakistan. Check out this photo gallery on MSNBC, which also has links to video. One of the photos is of a young woman who was kidnapped and raped. The caption says that when she went to the police about it, they raped her, too. Nicholas Kristof is mentioned in Curry's reports; he's one of the authors of "Half the Sky," along with Sheryl WuDunn. (Has anyone read this yet? I need to pick it up.) Kristof wrote a column this week about the possibility of menstruation holding girls back in poor countries. I wouldn't be surprised if there's truth to that.
  • IPS is reporting that the United Nations may postpone or drop altogether the creation of a new women's entity.

  • Pregnancy-based job discrimination claims are on the rise, according to the Miami Herald. Speaking of jobs, women outnumber men in the workforce in Canada, for the first time ever. Not really because more women are getting more jobs, but because so many men are losing theirs.
  • A lot has been written recently about the lack of doctors who perform abortions; the Washington Post weighs in with a story on the subject, and talks about how most med students receive a lecture, if anything on the topic. Those who want to learn how to perform the procedure are pretty much left to do so on their own time.
  • This story is a couple weeks old, but it's a must-read if you haven't seen it: The Nation's "Shotgun Adoption," about "crisis" organizations that coerce women into giving up their babies.
  • I absolutely adored this column on Feministing: "Raising a Feminist/Raised a Feminist: A Mother's and Daughter's Perspective." And I really liked this interview with Margaret Atwood in The Independent.
  • Not exactly new news, but The Gulf reports on a study that found teenage girls suffer abuse from their boyfriends. As in one-third sexually abused, and one-fourth physically abused.
  • Some drug news: The good is that a generic version of Plan B can now be sold (though I think $30 is still kinda pricey for it.) The bad? Pharmaceutical companies need to be reigned in, pronto. This story is so disturbing. Meanwhile, five Planned Parenthood clinics in Indiana are closing, which means a lot less affordable birth control will be available for those clinics' patients.
  • North Carolina has decided to join modern times and teach kids that STDs exist. I can't find the video, but CNN reported on this earlier today, and the reason the state is changing its sex ed stratedy? Pregnancy and STD rates are increasing. Go figure.
  • Finally, did you hear about the Swedish woman making porn on the government's dime? Read about it here and here.

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