Sunday, September 20, 2009

Suggested Sunday reading (9/20)

This week's hits:
  • The Public Eye: "The more things change: Continuing threats to reproductive freedom." Great summary of the current anti-choice movement, and of how far it goes.
  • RH Reality Check: "Lawsuit filed against sweeping new abortion restrictions in Arizona." Including making a woman wait 24 hours to get an abortion after she's talked to a doctor about it, and, according to the article, "one part of the new law is so vaguely written that it would also prohibit a doctor from receiving payment for any medical service from a patient who inquires about abortion until after he or she has received abortion counseling, regardless of whether she seeks an abortion."
  • Sydney Morning Herald: "Abortion couple not aware they broke the law." A woman and her boyfriend face charges using pills smuggled in from Ukraine to induce an abortion. She could get a seven-year sentence. Apparently in Australia, abortion laws are determined by individual states, and her state (Queensland) doesn't allow abortions except in the case of the mother's life. According to this story, "Queensland hospitals recently suspended drug-induced abortions after the Leach case, and insurance companies in the state said that they would no longer cover doctors who aided medical abortions." LOTS of problems here.
  • Forward Kansas: "Operation Rescue admits Dr. Tiller's death cost them money." (I think we're all a little suspicious of this claim, especially after the little stunt of protesting in front of the Obamas' children's school.)
  • Passionate Provider: "Fighting words." Great visual illustration of the anti-choice and pro-choice movements.
  • MSNBC: "Teen birth rates highest in most religious states." Raise your hand if you're surprised. ... Anyone? No? Me either. Mississippi tops the list.
  • New York Times: "New U.N. agency for women's rights." This has been in the works for three years. Read more here.
  • Politico: "Study: Women lawmakers outperform men." I think there might be something to the theory put forth by the researchers -- women try harder because they're underdogs, or not expected to do well.
  • The Guardian: "Pay survey: Top paid woman receives only a tenth of highest earning man." In the UK, the discrepancy between men's and women's salaries is 22.6 percent nationally.
  • Feminists for Choice: "Being female can be a pre-existing condition." I don't think the ways health insurers discriminate against women can be emphasized enough. Whatever happened to John Kerry's bill, the Women's Health Insurance Fairness Act? Did it disappear in the health care reform debate?
  • Ms. Magazine: "Military contractor wins right to sue for rape." To be precise, she wins the right to sue Halliburton.

In some lighter news this week:
  • Wonder Woman Museum: Wonder Woman Day IV is coming up, and it raises money for women's shelter's and crisis lines.
  • Gender Across Borders: "Recycling Feminism -- Lilith Fair returns." Can't wait to hear more info on this.
  • CNN: "Google lets you custom-print millions of books." I love this idea. Love it.
  • Newsweek has a gallery of color photos taken in Russia 100 years ago. They're gorgeous.

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