Sunday, October 4, 2009

Glamour devotes space to diverse bodies

About a month ago, "plus-size" model Lizzie Miller and Glamour magazine made big news when the magazine published a nude photo of Miller showing her not-flat stomach. It would appear that Glamour got the message: women want to see images that better reflect their own bodies, not just images of size zero models. The magazine has vowed to have more diverse images, and to work with designers who share that mission.

The November issue of Glamour will feature this photo:

Photo courtesy of

Glamour has an article about it online, "These bodies are beautiful at every size." Ellen DeGeneres had some of the models on her show, as well as the editor of Glamour, to discuss the photo and the issue in general. The Fbomb writes about that, and has video of the segment (it's worth watching, in my opinion). ABC News is covering the story too.

I suspect this move by Glamour indicates the magazine thinks it can make money now by showing such images (whereas before it couldn't, I'm guessing), but I hope it's sincere in this mission and I hope other publications follow suit. Based on what I've seen and read so far, this seems like a Very Good Thing for women's magazines.

UPDATE: Just came across an AP article saying that Brigitte, a German women's magazine, is going to stop using professional models next year. Read about it here.

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Criss L. Cox said...

Can "plus-size" models wear clothes? Is that allowed?

Why can we only show them when they're naked?

Glamour may have its heart in the right place, but everything else isn't. I don't look at this photo and think, "Hey, look, they look just like me!" I look at it and wonder if it's an ad for the L-Word, or if the printer mixed up the Playboy pages with the Glamour pages when assembling the magazine. Sure, they may not be stick-thin models, but naked and lying all over each other, they're still fulfilling stereotypical, unrealistic male fantasies.

Glamour, you could do SO much better, without even trying. Step up.


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