Sunday, October 18, 2009

Suggested Sunday reading (10/18)

Short and sweet today, as I'm a little hungover.

This week, the House passed a bill to establish a National Women's History Museum on the National Mall in D.C. Bill now moves to the Senate. This is something that is far overdue. According to a NWHM press release cited in the story, "Of the 210 statues in the United States Capitol, only nine are of female leaders. Less than five percent of the 2,400 national historic landmarks chronicle women's achievement and, according to a recent survey of 18 history textbooks, only 3% are dedicated to women." The National Women's History Museum has more on their Web site, and they have a form to use to write your senators about passing legislation for the museum. (They also have badges you can put on your own site to show support.)

In other news:
  • Elinor Ostrom became the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for economics.
  • Check out the Op Ed Project's byline breakdown to see the percentage of women's bylines on op-ed pieces in major newspapers and Web sites. As they say, "it ain't pretty."
  • The Shriver Report was launched this week with the Web site I haven't had a chance to read much of it yet, has anyone else delved into it yet? Thoughts?
  • The New York Times has a book review up for Gail Collins' book "When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present." I'm intrigued.
  • The BBC and AP report on the latest Guttmacher Institute report about abortion rates and availability. Some findings: Banning abortion doesn't stop (or come close to stopping) abortions from being performed, and 70,000 women die each year from unsafe abortions.
  • Bust writes about the "Like a Virgin" kit that has caused a stir in Egypt.
  • Fem 2.0 has a great, important column on women in the military, "Women on the battlefield: Protecting our soldiers."
  • Meghan McCain responds to the responses she received from posting a cleavage-showing photo of herself on Twitter. I like StrawberryBlog's take on the situation.
  • French Vogue publishes photos of models in blackface. WTF? Why?
  • Finally, I wrote last week about the bill amendment Sen. Al Franken introduced that would prevent the federal government from doing business with companies that don't allow employees to sue or go to court for things like being gang-raped. If you haven't seen Jon Stewart's segment on this news yet, watch it here. Great stuff.

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