Sunday, October 25, 2009

Suggested Sunday reading (10/25)

Happy Sunday everyone! Lots and lots of news to get to ...

  • RH Reality Check: Court rules Arizona sheriff cannot block inmates' access to abortion care
  • Michigan Messenger: Republican legislators have introduced "egg is a person" legislation; it would be an amendment to the state's constitution, if passed. (This kind of legislation is popping up everywhere.)
  • Passionate Provider takes on the "abortion causes breast cancer" myth.
  • Salon's Broadsheet examines "'Law & Order's' anti-choice propaganda," after an episode of the show about a "fictitious" late-term abortion provider who was murdered in his church.
  • RH Reality Check's Cristina Page has an excellent column, "Pro-life pretense." Tackles the Family Research Council, crisis pregnancy centers, and hypocrisy.
  • Peru is considering changing abortion law to make abortions legal in cases of rape, incest and fetal deformity; protesters on both sides of the issue speak out.

Health insurance and reform:
  • Both Womenstake and Huffington Post have stories about Christina Turner, a rape survivor who can't get health insurance now because she took anti-AIDS medicine after she was raped. Add "raped" to the ever-growing list of "pre-existing" conditions that insurance companies use to deny health insurance to women.
  • RH Reality Check: "Media ignores women's health disparities in Shriver report."
  • And speaking of the Shriver report, AlterNet has a column by Gloria Steinem on why we should be "optimistic and cautious" about the report.
  • Denver Post: "Women pay up to 50 percent more for health insurance premiums."

Violence against women:
  • Sen. Al Franken's amendment that would "prohibit government contractors from restricting workers from suing if they are sexually assaulted while on the job" could be stripped from the bill it was attached to ... by Sen. Daniel Inouye, a Democrat. Why? Because defense contractors want him to.
  • In California, money that was cut for domestic violence shelters is being restored. Good news.
  • Nicole Kidman spoke to Congress this week about violence against women. She is a goodwill ambassador for UNIFEM and says she will work "the rest of her life" on the issue.
  • Voice of America: "Human rights groups want U.S. leadership in fighting violence against women."
  • Politics Daily: "Women's rights and the new U.S. Sudan policy."

  • Reuters: Prime Minister "Berlusconi sparks feminist backlash in Italy."
  • AP: "Mexico's pink taxis cater to fed-up females." Reminds me of the story about trains for women in India.
  • ArtDaily: "American figurative artist and feminist, Nancy Spero, dies at 83."
  • If you haven't browsed around the International Museum of Women, I'd recommend it.
  • Jezebel: "'Self' editor: Photoshopped mags just giving women what they want."
  • Bust is kind enough to alert us to this "terrible remake." Hey Hollywood: You know you don't have to remake every movie ever, right?
  • Ms. Magazine: Women in Kuwait can now get passports without their husband's permission
  • New York Times: "The audacity of 'Precious,'" an article about the movie coming out soon, which I'm very interested in seeing. Has anyone read the book it's based on, "Push" by Sapphire?

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