Sunday, October 4, 2009

Suggested Sunday reading (10/3)

Two blog carnivals this week were kind enough to include Spare Candy posts, and links to many great posts. (Also a big thanks to Kick-Out!! Wrestling for allowing me to guest post.) Highly recommend you check out the carnivals if you haven't yet:

Since Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland last weekend, it has completely blown my mind that anyone is defending him. Sorry, there is no defense for drugging and raping anybody, including his 13-year-old victim. There's no defense for fleeing the country after pleading guilty either.
  • Salon: Reminder: Roman Polanski raped a child
  • Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times: Polanski's defenders lose sight of the true victim
  • IndieWire: Over 100 in film community sign Polanski petition
  • Kansas City Star: Polanski doesn't deserve a break
  • Shakesville: Polanski: The defend-a-thon
  • Jezebel: Chris Rock on Roman Polanski: "It's rape! Rape!" (with video)
  • And in the news: Ex-prosecutor admits he lied about Polanski case (CNN)

A suspect has been arrested in the Erin Andrews case, where someone videotaped the sports reporter nude in her hotel room and posted it online. To me, this is another case of men (in the general sense) thinking they have the right to see a famous woman naked. I know WAY too many men who watched this video, and then didn't see anything wrong with watching it. No respect or sympathy for her whatsoever. Just wanted to see her naked. Disgusting. I hope justice is served here, and I hope Andrews does crusade for stronger laws.

In other suggested reading:
  • The Planned Parenthood Foundation posthumously honored Dr. George Tiller.
  • Feministing: "Women and low 'genital self-esteem'"
  • VOA News: "UN condemns sexual violence in war zones"
  • RH Reality Check: "The Face of Conservatism: One Arizona Law Makes Guns Far More Accessible/Portable; The Other Restricts Women's Rights"
  • ONN: "Bill introduced that would require birth control coverage" (Ohio)
  • Manfield News Journal: "Why abortion is needed, and why Ohio clinic violence must stop"
  • Salon: "Contraception fights global warming"
  • Dallas Morning News: "Judge calls Texas' gay marriage ban into question"
  • All Africa: "Ghana: Women rights to adequate housing vital to their well-being"

Finally, I hope everyone was able to mark Banned Book Week in some way.

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