Monday, November 2, 2009

30 Seconds to Mars: "This is War" in promo

I should warn everyone, I'll probably be posting on here about 30 Seconds to Mars fairly often; their new album comes out Dec. 8, they're one of my most favorite bands ever, and their last album came out in Aug. 2005. Long, long time ago. I'm a little excited to hear new stuff ... like this sample of the title song, "This is War," in a promo for the video game Dragon Age: Origins.

The voices you hear singing in the background of this song are those of fans. The band and its fan base are close, and fans were invited to attend a summit a couple months ago in Los Angeles to sing, clap, etc. for recordings to be used on the album. So cool. (They also invited fans to join them last month on a bike ride through L.A. while filming their new video.)

The first single off "This is War," "Kings and Queens," is streaming at the band's site if you care to check that out, too.

Photo I took at a 2006 30STM concert.

Edit to add: The entire song "This is War" can now be heard!!


AE said...

I am always happy to hear about your love of this band! Glad they are finally coming out with a new album. Come see them in LA and stay with me and my cats....

Rosie said...

AE, I really hope I have the chance to take you up on that someday!


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