Saturday, November 21, 2009

Must-see TV: GOP perpetuates rape culture, fear

One of the many reasons that, for me, Rachel Maddow's show is one of the best on TV is that she takes on stories like this one: the GOP talking heads' seeming obsession with using the word "rape" to describe policy and other issues they don't like as a way of fear-mongering. An example:

Discussing health care reform on Nov. 16, Glen Beck said on Fox News "We're the young girl saying 'No, no, help me,' and the government is Roman Polanski."

Media Matters brought this to light, and has a whole list of instances where this has occurred. And Maddow sees fit to discuss it on air (has anyone else? I'm not sure), though I personally would have liked a little more discussion on the fact that these GOP talking heads (Beck, Rush, etc.) are perpetuating rape culture, in a huge way. And as Ana Marie Cox points out, the "black guy" (Obama) is being accused of "rape," over and over, perpetuating a huge stereotype.

This is outrageous, and indefensible.

Here's the clip from Maddow's show:

And here's the clip from Media Matters:

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