Monday, November 16, 2009

New ad takes on abortion coverage ban

The Center for Reproductive Rights launched an ad campaign today against the possible ban in health care reform on insurance companies covering abortion (aka the Stupak amendment). Read the press release here, and news stories here and here. The ad:

Text of the ad:
"So I think laughter is the best medicine. That's because I can't afford health insurance. I wrote a health-care reform joke. Do you want to hear it?

"A woman walks into a doctor's office and says: Doc, my back is killing me, does my insurance cover a breast reduction? The Doctor says, Yes it does.

"A man walks into his doctor's office and says: Doc, I've got trouble breathing out of this side of my nose. Does my insurance cover a nose job? The doctor says: Yes, it does.

"A woman walks into her doctor's office and says: Doc, I'm 11 weeks pregnant – my baby has anencephaly, which means parts of her skull and brain are literally missing. It's fatal. Does my insurance cover an abortion? The doctor says: No it does not.

"Anencephaly is fatal.

"Don't let Congress ban abortion coverage millions already have."
The Center has also launched the site, which
features a number of resources and links as well a good (and convenient) letter you can easily send to your Senators. Click on the "take action" button, put in your zip code, and you're nearly done. Please send those letters or write your own. We can't let this be part of the final legislation.


libhom said...

Stupak is utterly reprehensible. Religious extremists like him are unfit to hold public office.

MadWaxer said...

sad part is it is only going to get worse. till sum1 gets up, films up a few congress folk and leaks it!
They really don't know how to properly craft law to deal with tech-related crimes in the US. they try to use the old criminal logic which simply doesn't work in the many complex cases.
i have to be blunt and say i don't see this law getting passed to make a positive difference. the UK is now talking about teaching children in school about gender differences, bullying and how it is not nice and things not to do to the opposite sex (pushing kicking, etc) maybe a better educational lifetime will solve a lot.... if funding doesn't get pulled from more US educational programs...
@libhom ; most politicians should be fired! and never replaced. we should be doing more for ourselves directly.


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