Sunday, November 15, 2009

Suggested Sunday reading (11/15)

Because it's dominating the news and my brain (I'm sure I'm not alone in that) and it cannot be emphasized enough, let's start off with some reading about the Stupak amendment.
  • The Women's Media Center has compiled a list of "Must-Reads: Outraged Reactions to Reactionary Stupak Amendment." This is a good place to start, get caught up, whichever.
  • Kate Harding writes on "Face it: The Democratic party is not for women" and "The real meaning of Stupak," which also links to a number of other articles. (Sorry if there is a lot of overlap going on here. There are so many good points being made by so many people, I want to include as many as I can.)
  • If you haven't read Katha Pollitt's article "Whose team is it, anyway?" on The Nation yet, get on over there.
  • FiveThirtyEight reports "Many Previously Pro-Choice Dems Voted for Stupak Amendment."
  • RH Reality Check: "Dear Progressive Allies in Health Care Reform: Where Were You on the Stupak Amendment?"
  • The Frisky: "Today’s Lady News: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Speaks Out Against The Stupak Amendment"
  • TBogg: "Just lay back and think of it as a Vagina Added Tax." Unbelievable quote in this one.
  • On Crooks & Liars: "The Democratic Party: Still looking out for women's health!" (Hint: the title is sarcastic.)
  • Choices Campus has compiled editorial cartoons about the Stupak amendment.

In other reading this week:
  • Great collection of links at abyss2hope's latest Carnival Against Sexual Violence. Do check it out. Includes this interesting story at Change Happens about a bill passed in the House that deals with sexual assault on cruise ships and in the Coast Guard.
  • Bitch magazine offers a great post, "Swine & Dandy: What if we did as much to prevent rape as we do to prevent H1N1?" (Ed. note: I think the number given for how many people have had H1N1 is extremely low in this story, but the point stands anyway.)
  • BBC reports that police are concerned about the increase in gang rapes in London.
  • The Political Carnival: "Republicans shocked over anger at voting against Franken's anti-rape amendment." Grrr.
  • The Minnesota chapter of NOW needs help with funds.
  • Reno Gazette-Journal reports "Nevada groups sue to stop anti-abortion petition." This is about a personhood amendment.
  • The AP reports that the FBI received a letter warning them about Scott Roeder a month before he killed Dr. George Tiller ... a crime he confessed to this week.
  • has an article, "The American myth of women's equality," about a report released by the White House Project that "that dispels what seems to be an American myth about women's equality by offering 132 pages of benchmarks to truthfully describe where women stand in a variety of sectors."
  • VOA News: "Activists Urge President Obama to Question China's One Child Policy." (Forced abortion is bad, for sure. Need outrage over forced births as well. Like what could be the result here if Stupak is in final health care reform legislation.)
  • You might want to be aware of this outrageous "rally" being planned for tomorrow, Nov. 16., in D.C.
  • Sphere has a health story that all women should read, because I for one did not know this could happen. "Woman's Health Horror: 'My Vagina Fell Out'"
  • Speaking of vaginas, Jezebel takes on "Why men should learn to like period sex."
  • Games Radar has helpfully posted an article, "The top 7 tasteful game heroines." As a casual video game player, I always appreciate lists like this, especially since they still point out objectification of these characters.
  • Finally, because I'm an editor by day, this post on the Torontoist tickles me: "Disgruntled Star Editor Takes Constructive Revenge"

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