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Suggested Sunday reading (11/29)

I hope everyone who marks the Thanksgiving holiday had a good one, and that everyone else has had a great weekend!

I'm starting off this week's suggestion list with a post on Shakesville, "Reminder: Women are half the population," about the above photo of Sen. Mary Landrieu. This is such a perfect example of mainstream media misogyny, it should not go unnoticed. This isn't Rush Limbaugh, though he did have some choice words for the Senator, or even Chris Matthews; it's Time magazine. (Specifically, it's Mark Halperin and it's partially CNN, too.) I highly recommend reading the comments, so that you don't miss gems like this one:
Halperin is reminding us, "Remember, ladies, no matter how accomplished you may be, someone like me will always be given a powerful platform to remind you that you can be sexually degraded at any time, for any reason."You can also check out Salon's Broadsheet article on the same subject.

While we're on the subject of that Mary Landrieu photo and sexism and misogyny and degradation of women, The Weekly Standard has rightfully taken on Huffington Post's tabloid side, which seems to exist to feature naked women, partially naked women, and women-who-might-be-"exposed"-but-we're-not-sure-so-look-at-these-photos-and-decide-for-yourself. Their article, "HuffPo's Misogyny: The NSFW Path to Liberal Journalism Success," shows a very questionable image compilation from HuffPo, of a female Fed official (the one that Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson called a "whore") next to an actual prostitute (the one hired by Eliot Spitzer). It also mentions other questionable material on HuffPo, such as the photos from a nude calendar. This side of HuffPo continually disappoints me, as I wrote about here. They continually have simply awful stories, such as this one about a 15-year-old actress who is now "all grown up."

Tommy Christopher has pretty much summarized all of this news here, which also features Michelle Malkin's comments on the Mary Landrieu story.

In other suggested reading:
  • Check out this poignant but to-the-point post on the blog Really? Law?, "When things are right," about a discussion in a law school lecture on rape.
  • GOP talking heads continue to spew misinformation about the health care bill. This time, it's Bill O'Reilly saying that both versions of the bill will force American taxpayers to fund abortions.
  • GLAAD weighs in on the Adam Lambert / Good Morning America / Early Show saga. And in case you hadn't heard, GMA canceled Lambert's appearance the morning after his performance on the American Music Awards (he was on CBS instead), but GMA is going to have Chris Brown on their show. So, according to GMA, kissing a guy on TV = bad. Beating up a woman = good. I'm relieved I already don't watch GMA.
  • This, to me, is a really interesting quote from one of the Barbi twins (of Playboy fame), in regards to animal rights. Pretty sure it's a direct dig at PETA, an organization I loathe. They were asked if they'd ever pose nude for their cause, and one responded "Even though sex sells and I get that and I’ve been a part of that whole campaign, I now think a little differently. I think we should think twice about exposing women, even though women have choices, as we give the message not to exploit animals. It is like saying drink beer instead of milk; you can’t solve a problem with a problem. You have to set the example.” You can read the article here (and this would be a great time to play "spot the really awful typo in this story").
  • I found this article from the New York Times amusing: Parents are adopting techniques from the Dog Whisperer to use on their children.
  • As a fellow redhead, I feel for this kid. And we're really going to beat someone up because of hair color? Sigh.

Finally, some important news stories:
  • AFP: France to ban 'psychological violence' in marriage
  • AFP: Sudan reporter [Lubna Hussein] might not return home
  • AP: South Korea scraps decades-old sex law targeting men
  • AP: Zimbabwe women, receiving rights award, speak out
  • AP: Sudanese teen flogged for wearing "indecent" skirt
  • AllAfrica: ECA Women's Rights Report Finds Gap Between Intention And Implementation
  • Amnesty International: Women, violence and poverty - breaking out of the gender trap
  • Care2: British Report Reveals Disturbing Discrepancies In Treatment of Rape Victims (this is a must-read; Britain's rape conviction rate is around 6 percent.)
  • New York Times: Are We Going to Let John Die?, an op-ed by Nicholas Kristoff

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