Sunday, November 8, 2009

Suggested Sunday reading (11/8)

Trying to stay away from health care reform and the Stupak amendment (reading list here), hoping to think about something else for a while. Not that this is all good news, but let's start with a really cute article from the Centre Daily Times: "Nameberry: Heroines, worthy women and trailblazers with notable names." The article is a list of baby name suggestions based on (mostly American) groundbreaking women. Love this concept. Any suggestions of other names that should be included here? (Pictured is Ada Lovelace, "daughter of the poet Byron whose work in mathematics was (probably) a precursor of the modern computer.")

In other reading:
  • Ms. Magazine: Swiss fund to support firms with female directors
  • Ms. Magazine: Militants close women's groups in Kenya
  • The Frisky: Real-Life “Nip/Tuck”: A Plastic Surgeon Sculpts His Perfect FrankenWife
  • RH Reality Check: The "Born Alive" Myth: Tale Turned Political Tool
  • Beautiful You: Kate Winslet: A body image warrior
  • Feministing: Teen Vogue features pregnant covergirl, moral panic ensues
  • New York Times: Op-ed by Nicholas Kristof, "Unhealthy America"
  • Slate: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Didn't Learn Because You Grew Up in China)
  • Broadsides: Brand X Chromosome
  • Boston Globe: Court rejects abortion clinic buffers (in Pittsburgh)
  • NYT: "Community Continues to Grapple With Rape," a story about the Richmond High gang rape. One student is quoted as saying "She got drunk one time and messed with the wrong crowd and provoked some dude and got raped, that’s it."
  • Fox News: Under the lovely "poptarts" heading, "Cover Girl Joanna Krupa Says Posing for Playboy Empowering for Women." Krupa has some strong words for women who disagree.
  • Reuters: New Edition of On The Issues Magazine: 'Race, Feminism, Our Future'
  • Huffington Post: Petru Popescu writes "Was Mary a Template for Today's Feminism?" Yes, that Mary. Interesting read, even if I'm not a believer in virgin births.
  • Chicago Tribune: Steve Trombley, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Illinois (how many men are in top roles like that in PP? Just curious), responds to the paper's editorial about parental notification law, with "Putting pregnant teens first, with or without parents."
  • The Frisky: "Why Women Should Be Concerned About Men’s Rights Groups" (Great topic, I don't know that many people are all that aware of these groups.)
  • Shakesville: Today in rape culture
  • If you missed it, last week there was a blog-a-thon, Women Blog for Health Care. Womenstake has a list of blogs to check out.

Also, I wanted to include some lighter, non-anything, just-for-fun stories:

  • Entertainment Weekly: 'Say Anything' turns 20: Cameron Crowe's crazy story behind 'In Your Eyes' and Lloyd Dobler's boom box. I learned all kinds of interesting info from this article. Like the fact that Crowe is married to Nancy Wilson of Heart!If you saw last week's episode of Mad Men (minor spoiler), you know someone on the show got married the day after JFK was assassinated.
  • The New York Times found people who actually did get married the day after: "On Nov. 23, 1963, Some People Really Did Marry"
  • This is a really cool photo blog: My Parents Were Awesome
  • On the Consumerist: Reader: "Paid My T-Mobile Bill, Saw Some Boobs"
  • Good Housekeeping has a list of the "best toys of all time." I would bet a lot of people my age (33) owned a number of these at some point. I certainly did.
  • Check out this sustainable mobile home. Pretty cool.

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