Sunday, November 8, 2009

Suggested Sunday reading: Stupak amendment edition

I'll be adding more articles to this as I come across them, but if you have written something or read something on the subject that should be included, please let me know by e-mailing me at Thanks!

RH Reality Check has been on top of this amendment and the story. Check out their posts:
  • Stupak amendment passes! Affects every woman (link)
  • Historic Health Reform Bill Passes But At a Price: Women's Groups Have Mixed Reaction (link)
  • "This Is Only the First Salvo In the Bishops Campaign Against Women's Health" (link)
  • Many Dems Who Voted For Stupak Still Voted Against the Bill (link)
  • The Answer to the Stupak? Overturn Hyde Now (link)
Other articles:
  • Womenstake: A Major Advancement in Health Care Reform - Next Step Must Meet Women's Reproductive Health Care Needs
  • Open Left: Dems who voted for the Stupak amendment to restrict women's rights.
  • Open Left: Targeting Dems In 2010
  • New York Times: Abortion was at heart of wrangling
  • Alas, a Blog: Stupak amendment makes a good day bad
  • Room Eight: Rep. Jerrod Nadler's statement on Stupak passing, and transcript of his statement on the House floor.
  • Feministing: Whose health care victory?
  • Pandagon: Misogyny hijacks health care reform vote
I don't know when I'll have the energy to write my own post about this amendment, but I do want to say that while we can all be angry at Reps. Bart Stupak, a Democrat, and Joe Pitts, a Republican, for introducing this legislation, and we can be angry at the Republicans who voted for this even though they didn't vote for the health care bill, and we can be angry at the 64 Democrats who voted for this (especially the 19 who then did NOT vote in favor of the health care bill), let's not forget that it's entirely possible (if not fact) that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and others compromised women's rights and women's health by making some kind of deal to allow this amendment in order for the health care bill to pass. Let House representatives know how you feel about their vote, whatever it was, and let's focus on the Senate bill -- contact your Senators! -- and hope that, in the end, the Stupak amendment will not be part of the legislation that President Obama signs.

By the way, Planned Parenthood has a letter you can send to Obama about this.

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