Sunday, December 20, 2009

Suggested Sunday reading (12/20)

Trying to keep it short(er) and sweet this week, on the assumption that many people are in the middle of holidays and/or holiday preparations.
  • Starting off with what I think is a must-see: Boston Globe's "2009 in photos" photo galleries. The first one is here, and links to the second and third galleries.

  • Seventy years ago on Dec. 15, "Gone With the Wind" was released. Seventy years later, it's still controversial. Personally, I love the movie. I thought this CNN article was good: "'Gone with the Wind' still raises fuss after 70 years."
  • From Culture Kitchen: "Horrible omen or a good #HCR compromise." Article says "N.O.W., NARAL and NATIONAL RIGHT TO LIFE COMMITTEE all oppose the senate bill." Also check out Feministe's "The abortion “compromise."
  • Broadsides: "Thou shalt not spread falsehoods," about a news release put out by Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute called "Permissive Abortion Laws May Be Hazardous To Mothers' Health, Per New Report." A number of people need to read and comprehend this.
  • Check out and sign this petition "In Support of Dr. LeRoy Carhart."
  • Broadsheet: " Abortion roster is blocked: Women's medical information will not be posted online in Oklahoma -- for now."
  • The Pixel Project has an incredible round-up of articles in their third e-News Digest.
  • In case you haven't seen this from Fast Company, check it out. "Infographic of the Day: Is Bottled Water Really That Bad? Yes."
  • On Feministing: "Guest post: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers...My Thoughts."
  • From Bitch magazine: "Douchebag Decree: Rod Jetton is a rapist and a hypocrite. But mostly a rapist."
  • The Sexist: "'The Campus Rape Myth': Rape Isn’t Real, Therefore College Students Shouldn’t Have Sex." Ugh.
  • AP: "US agency probes possible gender bias at colleges."
  • AFP: "Mother strikes blow for Lebanese women's banking rights." (I don't think that headline is accurate.)
  • New York Times: "Transgender State Workers Expected to Gain Bias Protection."
  • NPR: "The Nation: "Feminism's Face Lift" and "Seriously, maybe we really should drop it" on Pandagon.

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