Saturday, December 26, 2009

Suggested Sunday reading (12/27)

Everyone get through the holidays okay this week? I always breath a sigh of relief when our Christmas celebrations are over. It's nice to see everyone, but it's always rushed and involves way too much driving.

Anyway, on to Sunday reading! A quick reminder, I'm always open to suggestions for this weekly column, and you're more than welcome to submit your own material. Just send me an e-mail at rosiered23 (at) sparecandy (dot) com.

Lots of news about the health care reform bill this week, since the Senate passed its version on Dec. 24. Some of this might be a little outdated, but it's worth looking at this comparison of the House and Senate bills. There's also a slew of stories about the abortion component of the bill:

  • AP: "Abortion deal may be hard to keep in health bill."
  • Seattle PI: "Analysis: Insurance companies may stop covering abortion." (I wrote more about this here.)
  • CNN: "Cynthia Nixon: Abortion debate's new voice."
  • This is a couple weeks old, but if you missed it, definitely check out "From Right-Wing to Pro-Choice: The Shifting Goalposts of “Abortion Neutrality” from Religion Dispatches, a site that has been really interesting lately.
  • On Firedoglake: "There must be a line … a wall to hit … or the struggle for reproductive justice is merely a suggestion."
  • On the Daily Beast, by Gloria Feldt: "The Abortion Smokescreen."
  • On Huffington Post: "Will one Senator stand up for women?"
  • Newsweek: "The Abortion Divide."

In other news:
  • Last week, Jezebel wrote about a 12-year-old girl who was raped in school, during school, and the completely horrible comments made by some security personnel at the school on the incident (i.e., "why didn't she scream?"). Turns out the girl had previously reported the guy to school officials because he was sexually harassing her. Also, he'll be back in court on Dec. 30.
  • The Louisville Courier-Journal recently reported on an important court case going on there, "Court will reconsider fetuses, drug use." The case is about whether a woman can be charged with a crime against her fetus if she takes drugs while she's pregnant. You can imagine the broader implications for this case, I'm sure. You can read more about it on RH Reality Check. The Lexington Herald has more on the arguments heard in court.
  • Truthout reports on an outrageous story: "Women Soldiers in Iraq Who Become Pregnant Face Court-Martial"
  • The Colorado Independent: "Colorado maternity bill would require coverage for birth control." There's no excuse for birth control or maternity care not to be covered in any health insurance plan, so good for them for introducing this.
  • AP: "Spanish lawmakers vote to ease abortion law." Good news here!
  • Susan Kim on the Huffington Post: "Talking About Menstruation." Think we'll ever see the day that tampons and pads aren't taxed? How long before a box of 20 tampons costs $10?
  • On Chicago Now, a great chart comparing states where same-sex marriage is allowed vs. states that allow first cousins to get married.
  • Finally, a couple of stories rounding up the year: On BlogHer, "From Sotomayor to The Cost of Being Female: Feminism in 2009" and from VOA News, "2009 Mixed Year for Human Rights."

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