Monday, December 14, 2009

Why do these kinds of articles exist?

From Fox News/ we get this gem: "Top 10 Cruel Things Women Do to Men." You can read the nonsense blurbs on the 10 items if you so choose, but here's the simplified list:

10. They don't pick up the phone.
9. Use men for free drinks
8. Use men as place holders
7. Emotionally manipulate men
6. Use physical violence
5. Criticize their men in public
4. They don’t disclose their relationship status
3. They withhold sex
2. They test their men
1. They flirt to inspire jealousy (isn't that the same as No. 7?)

No. 6 is serious, to be sure. Not trying to make light of that. But in reality, it's not just women who do these things. Men do these things to women, women do them to women, men do them to men, etc. Yeah, some women aren't nice. Guess what? Some are. Same as the rest of the population.

I know crap like this has and does populate all kinds of Web sites and magazines, and will continue to do so. These stories serve no real purpose but to reinforce stereotypes and maybe help fuel perceived gender wars. The kicker here, though, is the intro:
It seems like a reverse sexism started to take hold as the feminist movement came about and equality for women began gaining ground. Some women use their girl-power solidarity to come to a consensus on what’s socially acceptable for women to do to men in a relationship. They’ve agreed among themselves that these behaviors are perfectly justifiable regardless of how they play with a guy’s emotions or ego. With that, we’ve compiled a top 10 list of cruel things women do to men.Riiiight.

You know us feminists, plotting out cruel things we can do to men. Like not picking up a phone. That'll show 'em!

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Razor said...

I love the idea that "reverse sexism took hold" when women finally could fight back against sexism. Them damn broads need to get back in their place, right Fox News?


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