Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brooke Hogan's not-retouched photo

In a recent edition of "Life and Style" magazine, an article about Brooke Hogan (daughter of wrestler Hulk Hogan) was accompanied by (and about, really) an non-retouched photo of her in a bikini, which you can see at the link. Apparently she got paparazzied with some unflattering photos on a recent vacation (I haven't seen said photos), and she wanted to have a non-retouched photo published to show, I guess that those paparazzi photos didn't accurately reflect her body.

Fair enough. The article goes on to say "But the 5-foot-11 reality star and singer is proud of her body -- and says that heavy-handed photoshopping is to blame for unrealistic expectations. 'Whoever invented Photoshop was a genius, but it sets a bad example for what 'healthy' is,' says Brooke."

A great point, one many of us (all of us?) can agree on, and it's great to see another celebrity-type out there expressing this opinion. She also says "I'm not a size 2 and probably never will be. That's something I had to get out of my head a long time ago."

To be sure, she looks fantastic in the photo. She looks thin to me (if that's her concern, it shouldn't be), but more importantly, she looks healthy. So, kudos to her.

But no kudos to this guy who says Brooke said "she is never going to be a skinny bitch," which is not in the Life & Style article at all. (Are all skinny women bitches? Or just celebrities?) The guy went on to say "Brooke is so desperate for any kind of attention but what I will give her is that her body is kind of banging." Kind of?? A body like hers is only "kind of" hot? Give me a break, guy.

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