Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kelly Kulick becomes first woman to win PBA title

This is a really big deal, even if a lot of people read it and go "eh, it's just bowling."

Last Sunday, Kelly Kulick beat Chris Barnes at the Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas to become the first woman bowler to win a PBA Tour title. There is no professional bowling league for women (the PWBA folded in 2003), although the PBA does have a Women's Series that consists of eight events. In 2006, Kulick became the first woman to get an exemption to compete in the PBA Tour.

Congratulations are definitely in order!

Read more:
  • Sports Illustrated: "Kulick wins men's bowling major; can she revive women's league?"
  • Boston Globe: "Bowling’s first lady is on a roll."
  • NY Daily News: "Women's rights finds a kingpin in Kelly Kulick, first woman to capture a PBA title."

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