Sunday, January 17, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (1/17/10)

Happy Sunday everyone! A look at some of the news this week:
  • From Reuters: "Afghan women praise Karzai's female cabinet picks."
  • On CNN: "Study: China faces 24M bride shortage by 2020." There's so much to say about this article ... about what brought China to this point, about how China views girls, about how China isn't the only country to place more importance on male children ... sigh.
  • From "India's Single Women Resist Stigma, Demand Rights." I love this. Also, how crazy is this? "Single women in India outnumber the population of Canada. And these 36 million women, as counted by the 2001 census, only represent those who are legally divorced, separated and widowed. There is no official estimate of abandoned, deserted and unmarried women."
  • Reuters: "Fewer free countries in 2009: Freedom House." The world is moving backwards.
  • In South Carolina, "Program to Train Teachers to Spot Domestic Violence." Yes, please. This should be everywhere.
  • Sen. Al Franken, once again, is involved in legislation that benefits women. "Franken wants 'morning-after' pill available for military women."
  • On RH Reality Check: "Dramatic Rise in Women Ambassadors, and How the Washington Post Treats the Story." I can tell you why the Post didn't have this "above the fold" on its Web site: Clicks are pretty much the end-all of Internet metrics, and more people are going to click on the Leno-Conan story than are going to click on the women ambassadors story. This is the future of news, people. What is perceived as "people will click this" is what will be front and center.
  • On, "Does the Sexbot Encourage Rape?" If you haven't heard about the sexbot yet, it debuted at the Adult Entertainment Expo, and apparently you can sex her up however you want and talk to her, too. Roxxxy goes for about seven grand. Allegedly a Rocky model is in the works. Love how Roxxxy's sex is built into her name with the three X's. WTH kind of name is "Rocky"?
  • From The Sexist: "Rape Analogy Redux: The 'Stroll In The Jungle' Theory." One of my favorites. If you don't leave your house, your chances of getting raped drop significantly. So just don't go anywhere.
  • The Curvature: "Alleged Victim Slut-Shamed, Rape Case Thrown Out." Sigh.
  • Another from "D.C. Police Confirm Condom Policy that Endangers Public Health."
  • And another from RH Reality Check: "Don't Want to Pay for Abortion Coverage? I Don't Want to Pay For (Fill In The Blank)."
  • On Womanist Musings: "PeTA Takes On The Pro Life Movement." Really, is anyone surprised?
  • The Daily Beast: "Sterilized for Being Poor?" Starts with "When a Welfare-collecting mother of nine was allegedly sterilized against her will, she was shocked by the outpouring of public support—for the doctors who did it." See, because it's cheaper to sterilize her than to "pay for" her babies.
  • On Pandagon: "The backlash ... with more bones, fewer ruffles." It's worth reading the comments.
  • I love this on Racialicious: "And we shall call this 'Moff's Law'." So well said.
  • And finally, this image is so great. (Thanks Megan, if you're reading, for bringing it to my attention!)

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