Sunday, January 24, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (1/24/10)

Whole lotta stuff this week:

Did you see the New York Times' articles on "The Female Factor?" If not, they're worth reading. One is "In Germany, a Tradition Falls, and Women Rise," and the other is "The Good Mother, and Modern Politician." They also have a story about "More Men Marrying Wealthier Women," (but isn't it really "More women have money, and men are still marrying women?") as does The Guardian (whose headline, "American women bring home the bacon as 20% earn more than spouses," I like better).
  • Hopefully Spare Candy readers have heard about this by now, but if not, please take a moment and read this CNN story: "Women's movement mourns death of 3 Haitian leaders." RIP.
  • Two stories worth reading after Martha Coakley lost the Senate election in Massachusetts, one at Politico and one at the Daily Beast. Did you know this (from Politico)? "“It took 222 years for Massachusetts to elect its first woman, running in her own right, to statewide office, and that was Shannon O’Brien as treasurer in 1998. Martha Coakley is only the second one." She was attorney general before running for the Senate seat.
  • A couple health stories: On U.S. News & World Report, "Health Buzz: Study Finds Women Tested for HPV Have Fewer Cancers;" and from the NYT, "When Hair Loss Strikes, a Doctor Is a Girl’s Best Friend."
  • I love this story from Central Michigan University. Makes me miss college. "About 70 walk in Women’s Suffrage Commemorative March."
  • And this story from New Times: "More men speaking out against domestic violence."
  • Not being of the religious sort, I found this entry on the Dallas Morning News' religion blog an interesting one: "Texas Faith: Do religions oppress women?"
  • From "Business Schools Sweeten Lures for Women." According to the article, "New York University's program, which has the highest proportion of women among co-ed programs, is only 40 percent female."
  • A must-read on IDN, about a new report out from Human Rights Watch: "Governments Compel Medical Centres To Practice Torture." The article says "In many countries, HRW documented the human rights violations suffered by women and girls, including those related to pregnancy, birth, and women's role as caregivers and providers. For example, preventable maternal mortality and disability as a result of negligent policies and laws kill and maim more women annually than the impact of armed conflict, the Washington-based rights organization said."

In other international news:
  • Ethiopian Report: "Amid cabinet setback, Afghan women face slow political climb."
  • ABC News: "Women's Fitness Center Forced to Close in Saudi Arabia." (Because officials say "it is illegal to run health clubs or fitness centers for women in the country.")
  • AFP: "Nepal court blocks 'cash for widows' scheme."
  • Feministing: "Rape Victim in Saudi Arabia Scheduled to be Lashed 100 Times."

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