Friday, February 5, 2010

Can both sides of the abortion debate agree on this?

I'm curious, because so much of the anti-choice's message is about "life." The "life" of the fetus is many times put before the life of the mother. Stringent anti-choicers don't want any abortion to be allowed; the more casual anti-choicers want it limited to situations such as rape, incest and the mother's life in danger. Fetus > woman in all other cases, right?

What about when giving birth kills a woman? Because that is happening more and more in California, according to a yet-to-be-released report conducted by the California Department of Public Health.

The news article says "the mortality rate of California women who die from causes directly related to pregnancy has nearly tripled in the past decade," and that this is "the most significant spike in pregnancy-related deaths since the 1930s." Also alarming: the mortality rate "in California is higher than in Kuwait or Bosnia."

I know pro-choicers have women's best interests in mind on the entire birth spectrum. I know pro-choicers who have been concerned about these mortality rates for years. I know anti-choicers claim they have women's best interests in mind (they do not), but I'm curious: Will any anti-choicers take up this increasing mortality rate as a cause? Does it matter to any of them that more and more women are dying while giving birth, in this country, in this day and age of advanced medical technology? Does any anti-choicer care that "that C-sections have increased 50 percent in the same decade that maternal mortality increased," and that (coincidentally?) C-sections "bring in twice the revenue of a vaginal birth"? Oh, one more thing: "The C-section is the single most common surgical procedure performed in the United States" today. Yet vaginal birth is safer than C-sections, for the mom and for the baby. Anyone besides people on the pro-choice side want to talk about this? Can we all work to do something -- such as support research and education, at the least?

Many anti-choicers try to paint abortion as a risky medical procedure -- some going as far as saying having one will pretty much kill you, you know, eventually -- but the truth is, abortion is far less risky than giving birth. Shouldn't we all be working to make giving birth safer?

And if we all care about women, here's something else to chew on: the mortality rate for safe abortions is 0.2-1.2 per 100,000 abortions in countries where abortion is legal. For unsafe abortions? According to World Health Organization statistics, the risk rate is 1/270; according to other sources, unsafe abortion is responsible for one in eight maternal deaths. Whether anti-choicers want to admit it or not, those numbers are something we would face in this country if abortion were ever made illegal. Because no matter the legal status, abortions continue to happen across the world -- even in places were it has been illegal for decades.


Anonymous said...

If the mortality rate in CA is indeed increasing, research needs to be done to find out why. Chances are, CA budgets are prohibiting that research.

C-Sections: I know alot of sections are done for reasons other than mother or babys health. Dr may have a vacation planned, or the mother may have her own reasons. It makes no sense to me for a woman to have a major surgical procedure done, for any other reason than her or the babies well being.

As for safety of abortions, prolife opinion will remain the same. No abortion is safe for the baby.

Rosie said...

Regarding your last point, there are mountains of evidence that show that no matter what the laws are, women will seek out and have abortions. In order to lower abortion rates, women need support and understanding. Not judgmental people trying to change laws -- change that would result in more women dying. Anti-chiocers can ignore evidence all they want, but that will never make them right. Just ignorant.

Mary said...

As a pro-life person I agree w/ you on this one 100%...Women have historically been used and abused and C-Section is one of the newer ways...Another reason Dr's do them is that they don't want high risk pregnancies because Insurance is so high...And women become the victims!


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