Monday, February 22, 2010

Check out "This Is Not an Invitation to Rape Me"

I really wish I could see the exhibit "This is Not an Invitation to Rape Me," which is at the University of Pennsylvania through March 5.

Charles Hall started working on this in 1993 after a friend was sexually assaulted. (Read his artist response here.) The works' simplicity is what makes it powerful. Some images are text only, others are photographs that simply say "this is not an invitation to rape me." (See some of the images here.) What's great about the exhibit at Penn is that students' work is also incorporated, and I have no doubt they came up with some great stuff. (Note: I have no affiliation to Penn, at all.)

Reading about it makes me want to create all kinds of such images. My first thought was a woman in a military uniform, with the phrase positioned over her name/rank area. (Ya know, because 30 PERCENT of women in the military have reported an attempted or completed rape by a man they were serving with.)

What kind of image would you add to a campaign like this? (Note: this blog post indicates the campaign could and should be expanded to include male and transgendered victims, which I completely agree with.)

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