Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get ready for International Women's Day!

Mark March 8 on your calendar, as it's International Women's Day. The United Nations theme for the day this year is "Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all."

Are you planning anything for the day? Attending an event, writing on the theme, or something else? I'm really hoping to make it to a local viewing of "Half the Sky," a one-night event at the movies that is related to the book "Half the Sky". (Or that's my understanding of it, at least.) You can read more about it here, and there's also a link there to find a theater near you that will be showing it. You can even buy tickets there.

Also, Gender Across Borders is hosting something of a blog carnival for International Women's Day. You can sign up with the site if you intend to write something, and they have graphics you can download and use on your blog. I hope a bunch of people sign up, I know I am.

Be sure to check out Reuters' site for the day, too, at www.internationalwomensday.com. Tons of information there, and they have posted lists of events broken down by country.

What else is going on? I'll add to this as sites and events come up!

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