Thursday, February 25, 2010

Instead of smoking, you should ... be forced to give blowjobs?

That sure is the impression I got when I first looked at these ads from France, aimed at teens:

I saw the ad and thought "Umm ... huh. What the ... how does this get you to stop smoking, or not start smoking? Are they saying you should put a dick in your mouth instead of a cigarette? It's hard to smoke and perform oral sex at the same time ... Are they forcing a dick in these people's mouths? Dicks > tobacco? What the hell? And they're aiming this at teens? What am I miss-- OH THE HAND IS TOBACCO."

Because, you see, the tagline for the ads is "Smoking means being a slave to tobacco." So ... they're sucking tobacco's dick? (I can't reconcile the positioning of the people in these images as being a slave to something. All I see is someone forcibly being pushed down as if they should be performing oral sex.)

I'm joining the loud chorus of people and claiming these as a a major fail.

More reading:
  • Time magazine: "In France, Sex Sells — Even in Anti-Smoking Ads"
  • Parent Dish: "Hey Kids: Smoking Blows; Teen Anti-Smoking Ad Inflames the French." (haha, smoking blows, get it?!)
  • Telegraph: "Anti-smoking advert with sexual innuendo shocks French."

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