Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Looking for ways to help women in Haiti?

Two causes worth considering donating money to:

Press release from Say No -- Unite:
Three weeks after the earthquake hit Haiti, there is an urgent need to ensure that women and girls receive adequate protection and are involved in rebuilding Haiti.

We have a new champion for this cause - the out-going Chilean President Michelle Bachelet will be working with UNIFEM to advocate for the needs of Haitian women. Currently, UNIFEM is working to rebuild women’s shelters and provide services to victims of gender-based violence in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel. You can help by saying NO to violence against women and girls in Haiti.

To Say NO to violence and to keep women and girls safe in Haiti:
*Donate to rebuild shelters and expand services to women and girls in Haiti
*Download the special Haiti Desktop Calendar and share it with people you know

Thank you for your support.

The Say NO Team, UNIFEM
And from V-Day:
... V-Day has responded immediately to the catastrophe by establishing the V-Day Haiti Rescue Fund. V-activists from around the world have already dug deep and donated funds which are being put into action:

According to Michele Lebrun Pavana, speaking for Mrs. Marjory Michel, Minister of Feminine Condition, the earthquake has put women at heightened risk for sexual assault, as many women have been left to live in the streets with no shelter. Rapes have been reported and the situation on the ground is ripe for traffickers.

For this reason, V-Day is partnering with ShelterBox, an NGO which delivers immediate relief to victims of natural and other disasters, to help support the efforts of the Ministry of Feminine Condition in Port au Prince to provide safe shelter for women and their families.

We have allocated $40,000 towards ShelterBoxes for women impacted by the earthquake, providing shelter and other essentials for 400 survivors of the earthquake.

Each ShelterBox is a large, rugged, green plastic container that holds a 10-person tent and a range of other equipment like:
*Thermal blankets and insulated ground sheets
*Waterproof ponchos and bin bags
*A multi-fuel stove that can burn anything from diesel to old paint
*Cooking pans, utensils, bowls and mugs
*Collapsible water containers and water purification tablets
*A basic tool kit – hammer, axe, saw, pliers, hoe head, trenching shovel, rope etc
*A small, children's pack containing drawing books, crayons, pens etc.

We thank our friends at ShelterBox for the amazing work they are doing and the critical support they are providing survivors on the ground!

V-Day is also providing AFASDA (Association Femmes Soleil d'Haiti ), run by V-Day activists Elvire Eugene, with a $20,000 emergency grant to help serve survivors with medicine, food, clothing and other essentials. AFASDA is meeting a critical need by serving displaced residents of Port au Prince.

We are also happy to announce that the V-Day Sorority Safe House in Port au Prince was not destroyed in the earthquake. We are currently reviewing the structural integrity of the house with the hopes that we can open its doors to serve as an emergency shelter for families as soon as it is safe to return to the building.

We urge you to continue to support this effort. V-Day is committed to helping in Haiti for the long haul. We will need your support!

Donate at this link:

To donate by check, please mail to:
303 Park Ave South, Suite # 1184
New York, NY 10010-3657

**Please make checks out to "V-Day" and write "Haiti" in the memo line.
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