Sunday, February 21, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (2/21/10)

Hi all! Remember, if you ever have something you'd like to see in the Sunday reading column, either your work or someone else's, send a link to rosiered23 (at) sparecandy (dot) com. And if you have a question for me, ask away at formspring. On to this week's suggestions:

I want to point you to something that simply warmed my heart (and apparently many others', judging by the comments). Have you ever heard of Tavi Gevinson? She is a teen (13 or 14 years old, I'm not sure) who writes the blog Style Rookie. It is a fashion blog in a way that no other fashion blog is. She lives Fashion, which is not something I'm so much interested in (I can't even get into fashion, to be honest). But the way she writes is delightful. Much more "mature" than most teens her age, I would say, but with enough "teen" to make it apparent she is a teen. I adore her writing style. Recently, she read and wrote about the book "Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music", which is about women in rock from the '90s to today. Please do yourself a favor and read her blog post about it. You can't miss things like this: "Never before had I felt that feminism was something I could be so much a part of."

And speaking of fashion-related-sort-of stuff, did you see Christine Hendricks on the cover of New York Magazine? I love it, so much that I'm including the image in this post! (Article here.) Also, Esquire's article about Roger Ebert is a must-read. Truly incredible, his story is. (Ebert's blog itself is must-read material for me these days.)

In other news:
  • BBC is running a series of stories about women in the military. This is good stuff. The link is to the first article, and you can access the others with the tabs helpfully placed on the page.
  • At Shiny New Coin: "Half the population can't be a niche market." So, so true.
  • The Washington Post (column by Jessica Valenti): "For women in America, equality is still an illusion."
  • At "Boycott American Apparel and its Best Butt Contest." I. Do. Not. Like. American Apparel.
  • On The Frisky: "Conservatives To Whack A Nancy Pelosi Pinata At Conference." There's a Harry Reid punching bag, too. Stay classy, GOP/Tea Partiers! Continuing that theme, Talking Points Memo writes: "Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Rolls Back Non-Discrimination Protections For Gay State Workers." Such a disgrace. And one more, from Think Progress: "Kansas lawmaker compares rape to auto theft." Seriously?? OK, just one more, from New York magazine: "GOP Tries to Win Over Young Voters by Mocking Feminism, Gays." As I said on Twitter, maybe this guy doesn't realize it, but the people you would win over with such nonsense are ALREADY ON YOUR SIDE.
  • From the New York Times: "Judge Sylvia Pressler, Who Opened Little League to Girls, Dies at 75."
  • On Broadsheet: "Guys, get ready for Spanx." That's right, the "shaping" garment is being made for men.
  • I really enjoyed "Stay-at-home Saboteurs" from Lunch Box Mom. The post is a few months old, but I just came across it a few days ago.
  • On Frannie's Room: "Average Joe Fails To See Rape Culture, Doesn't Like "Tone" of Women Who Do." Such an infuriating topic, but it can't be written about enough. 
I've tried to limit the amount of reproduction rights/abortion news this week, because sometimes (OK, many times) it dominates the Sunday reading column, but I can't ignore these stories: 
  • The Jacksonville Observer: "Abortion bill filed in legislature." The bill would criminalize most abortions now allowed under state and federal law." It's a direct challenge to Roe.
  • CBS: "Planned Parenthood Video Sting: Was Clinic Allowing Secret Abortions?" Not good, at all.
  • The Washington Post: "Anti-abortion activists say Robertson was right about Haiti."
  • RH Reality Check: "Utah bill criminalizes miscarriage."
  • RH Reality Check: "Oklahoma Supreme Court strikes down Statistical Reporting of Abortions Act as unconstitutional." Yay!!!

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