Sunday, February 28, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (2/2810)

Thoughts this Sunday go out to those involved in earthquakes, tsunamis, blizzards and any other non-weather yet-stressful events. This week's links:

The Canadian women's hockey team is getting a lot of flack for celebrating their gold medal win with alcohol and cigars, on the ice, in front of no one but a couple photographers. It's *ridiculous* and frankly, kind of unbelievable. Would it have been better if it hadn't taken place on the ice, but instead in a bar? (And why?) Or if they were men? Anyway, Eye Weekly has a good article, "The case for a women's professional hockey league." The Vancouver Sun writes "Canadian women play hockey like girls in golden performance." (It's not what you think.) At least there won't be a formal investigation. And be sure to check out this lovely satirical piece from The Albatross, "Concern Grows Over Unfairness to Women: In Hockey."

Somehow the fact that as women get older, they have fewer eggs with which to create babies is new news. A couple of really good responses to the topic:

Meanwhile, the EU is working on longer maternity leave time: 20 weeks, with pay. And while that's happening, Nicaragua is denying a pregnant woman the cancer treatment she needs because it might harm the fetus. Somehow I think her death would harm the fetus, too. For a good roundup of abortion-related news, check out Antonia Zerbisias' Broadsides column, this ABC story from Nebraska, "Proposed Abortion Bill Focused on When Fetus Feels Pain," and this Washington Post story: "Minnesota abortion provider helps meet need in South Dakota."

This week's winners for Most Absurd Claims: GOP House member Trent Franks, says abortion is worse for black people than slavery (see the NYT's story "To Court Blacks, Foes of Abortion Make Racial Case"); Virginia state delegate Bob Marshall says women who have abortions for their first pregnancy are more likely to have disabled children later because God is punishing them; and the editor of the New York Times Book Review says "The Amy Bishop Shootings Prove That Feminists Should Shut Up About Women Being Victims."

In other reading:
  • On the heels of the forced blowjob anti-smoking ads from France comes some rather awful ads from Durex.
  • New York Times: "France May Make Mental Violence a Crime." As in domestic abuse.
  • Reuters: "Pentagon OKs lifting ban on women in submarines." About time! 
  • Slate: "I Should Have Read My Islamic Marriage Contract."
  • CNN: "Liberalism, atheism, male sexual exclusivity linked to IQ."
  • The Smithsonian magazine has a pretty cool article, "How Dolley Madison Saved the Day." (President James Madison's wife, not the snack cake.)
  • The New York Times writes about "cellar door."


muffinwoman said...

check out the wonderful documentary (directed and produced by women) about Dolley Madison MOnday March 1st on PBS's American Experience (9pm most places...check your local listings)I saw it and it is extremely interesting and intelligent.

Rosie said...

Thanks for the info! Here's more on the documentary, if anyone else is interested.


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