Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Republican doesn't want to pay for maternity care

First it was Sen. Jon Kyl, who represents Arizona in the United States Senate. Back in September, during health care reform debates, he said "I don’t need maternity care, and so requiring that to be in my insurance policy is something that I don’t need and will make the policy more expensive." Now it's Colorado state Sen. Ted Harvey (pictured). He said "I can assure you the Harvey household does not need maternity care, the Harvey household does not need contraceptive care. Why should the Harvey household have to pay for your mandate? If you want to pay for that care for other people, you pay for it, but don't make me."

His statements came during discussion over Colorado legislation that would mandate that insurance companies cover maternity care and birth control in individual policies. The bill did pass the Senate on a voice vote, though it still has to be voted on properly, then get through the House. So that's good, and I hope it does become a mandate in Colorado. Because it should be a mandate nationwide. Every single insurance plan should cover childbirth and birth control and abortion. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Someone explain this mindset to me, please. Someone explain how anyone can actually think "My household doesn't need maternity care coverage, so why should I be paying for it?" This isn't how health insurance works. Period. You don't get to pick and choose what's covered. I myself don't need a number of things covered in my health insurance -- namely anything involving the male reproductive system: the prostate, the penis, the testicles, etc. I can't ever get testicular cancer, so why should my health insurance cover it? It would drive up costs and cause me to pay more. See how absurd that sounds? Would any man ever agree this to be true? No.

Why is it any different for maternity care? What makes these two Republicans -- and I'm sure they aren't alone -- and insurance companies themselves, for that matter, think this is okay? Furthermore, how have we let it go on this long? According to the story, "29 states require coverage of contraceptives in state-regulated health insurance while 23 states require coverage of maternity treatment and services." That leaves 21 states not covering birth control and 27 states not covering maternity care! Unacceptable.

I want to take what I said about Kyl's statement, change the name to Harvey, and repost it. More than that, I want an explanation for this selfish, backwards mindset. And can we explore, just for a second, the path some Republican arguments take?

Don't have sex, unless you're married, because you could get pregnant. And if you do get pregnant, married or not, you can't have an abortion, because that's murder. So you have to have the baby, but you have to pay for the required medical care that comes with childbirth out of pocket. Sure, we know birth control is intended to prevent pregnancy, but we aren't going to pay for that either. What. the. fuck. And then they dare claim that Democrats want abortion to be covered by health insurance "just because" having a child costs too much. Yeah, for many people it does, when health insurance doesn't cover it.

By the way, Harvey is married and has two children, including a 7-year-old girl. Who, I'm sure, he's quite ready to tell that she should pay for any children she has with her own money, with no help from her insurance, because that might mean his own insurance would cost more. And he can't have that.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that if you are married, and get pregnant you darn well better not be receiving welfare to raise the child.

Maybe the Republicans should create a "birth panel" to decide who gets to have children and who doesn't. Additionally they can decide if insurance should cover a pregnancy, if in fact you are chosen to have children. Of course, you would have to go before the panel at about age 12. If you're not chosen at that time, perhaps they'll offer discounted sterilization.

It's all so effing ridiculous. And yeah, Senators Kyl, and Harvey - I don't want to pay for your prostate cancer, or your erectile dysfunction. Where do I sign up for my discount?


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