Saturday, March 27, 2010

GOP virtually sets Nancy Pelosi on fire

This is on the actual GOP Web site: A fundraising drive to fire Nancy Pelosi (which they aim to do by gaining a majority in the House, which would make John Boehner the speaker of the House — can you just imagine that for a second). So fine, whatever, they want to be in power. No surprise there.

But the image at the site is Nancy Pelosi burning. Get it? Cause she’s being FIREd from her job? And therefore it’s appropriate to show her burning? (At the stake, perhaps?)

For shame. Who knows, maybe they were inspired by Glenn Beck pretending to poison Pelosi.

So far, the GOP has raised more than $1.5 million dollars from this “set Pelosi on fire” campaign.

And then there’s this: “RNC rejects joint ‘civility’ statement.” The DNC sent the statement, which rejects all recent violence, vandalism, violent rhetoric, etc., to the RNC. And here’s how the RNC responds (hint: like a fucking child, but worse):
Republicans see the statement as an attempt to force them to either reject the statement — allowing Democrats to say the RNC finds the incidents acceptable — or to sign on to something that the DNC would later wield against them.

The proposed statement was faxed and hand-delivered to the RNC at midmorning Friday. POLITICO learned Friday afternoon that the RNC would not sign the DNC statement.

RNC Communications Director Doug Heye told POLITICO that Steele chose not to agree to the statement because “we don’t need to do anything on their schedule or on their timetable.”
Read the whole thing here.

I don’t know that I’ll ever stop being amazed at the outrage over trying to improve the health care/insurance industry. Republicans: The Democrats didn’t steal all your toys or refuse to share the swing set with you. GROW. UP.

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