Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy International Day of Transgender Visibility

Today, March 31, marks the first International Day of Transgender Visibility. The day was designed to celebrate the transgender community or, as Trangriot explains, "The International Transgender Day of Visibility seeks to make transpeople less of a mystery to cis folks, point out that transpeople are all around you in your daily lives and have played roles in shaping our culture and history."

As someone who is learning more and more everyday about the transgender community (and who still feels woefully undereducated on a number of transgender issues), I have to say this idea makes all kinds of sense to me. It's obvious the general population, at least in America, hardly knows anything real about the transgender population. Raising awareness needs to happen, yesterday!

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Also, this week is the 8th Annual National LGBT Health Awareness Week, with the theme of "Closing the Gap.", which has links to all kinds of information, says: "The LGBT community has, on average, worse health outcomes and less access to the care we need than the straight community. We cannot afford to ignore the gap anymore. We need to educate ourselves and our health care providers about our unique health needs as well as our health risks." I can only imagine how big this gap is. I'm a heterosexual woman, and I sometimes run into doctors who doesn't seem to understand, or trust, women.

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